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7 Families Game: Top 7 versions of this timeless classic

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Games, Games and Development, Kids

 Game of 7 families or THE classic for the little ones but also for the older ones! This game is ideal for introducing children to card games. After having played and loved this game, now it's time to explain it to your children or to the children you look after. By the way, Kidlee offers you 5 versions of the 7 families game to have fun. 

What are the benefits of playing it? 

In addition to being THE card game of choice, it has many benefits for children. Children can start playing as early as 5 years old, depending on the complexity of the theme. Generally, most of them are adapted to their age and intellectual maturation. 

Children develop their ability to observe and memorize the cards, and must think about their strategy to collect as many complete families as possible! Through this game, children already learn to place themselves in relation to their family and to memorize the different members. It is a board game that teaches set creation that will be used in math later on. In addition, it helps to identify similar items, learns patience, deduction, and negotiation to complete as many families as possible.

This card game is a playful prerequisite that also develops children's language. Through the course of the game, the child gradually recognizes the initial words, but it is also an opportunity to express himself and express his need to win the game. 

Secondly, there are many versions of the 7 Families game and the themes are varied. It is possible to develop language and other skills depending on the choice of theme such as colorsMoreover, the diversification of the themes implies that each child can find his favorite game! 

How does it work? 

The game of 7 families is composed of 42 cards. In other words, 7 families, each composed by the members of the family, namely the grandmother, the grandfather, the father, the mother and finally the daughter and the son. It can be played by 2 to 6 players. The simple mechanics of this game ensure longevity and fun! 

To start, we will deal 7 cards to each player and the rest will be the deck. 

Once everyone has their cards, the children will observe the cards: which family is likely to be completed? 

According to his cards, the first player asks the person of his choice if he has the card he is looking for. The rules of the game state that you can only ask for cards from families that you own. For example: In the Smith family, I ask for the daughter. If the player has the card, he will give it to the person asking for it, otherwise he will have to draw it. 

When it is time to draw, if the child is lucky enough to find the card he was looking for, he can ask for a new one, otherwise he passes his turn to the player on his left.

As the game progresses, once a player completes a family, he or she puts that family aside and continues the game until the deck is finished. At the end of the draw, players count how many families they have completed, and the one with the most wins! 

Top 7 versions 

Game 7 classic family

Classic 7 families game
The hobby

This classic game, with its simple design and friendly drawings, allows young children to learn new words and to distinguish them according to the families to which they belong. The 7 families game offers different themes: animals, jobs, the market, fables... It's up to you to choose what your child is likely to prefer, or what you would like him to discover. You can order it by clicking here.

7 families games to print 

Let's zoom in on this Jackpot of the 7 families games proposed by the website DrawMeAHistory. This site beats the records by proposing different themes to print for free! Find this little treasure by clicking here.

Find on this same site the seven families game with traditional tales that children love! Click here.

Game of the 7 families to revise French 

Game 7 families to revise French

As we have already seen, playing the 7 families game allows the child to have fun in a playful way. Therefore, some teachers have seen the opportunity to use the benefits of this game to review the French lessons of children, whether it is conjugation, vocabulary or grammar.

This PRINTABLE game is a great opportunity to review the rules and lessons you've studied before! Genius! Download your game here

Game of 7 families: European countries

Game 7 families Europe

Find the characteristics of some European countries on this game! Ideal to play with your family! Moreover, you can download and print it for free by clicking here.

7 families game to learn English!

7 families in English

Playing board games in English is a great exercise! This 7 families game in English allows you to memorize some common words around food, clothes, emotions, sports...

It can be downloaded and printed! Find the here !

Disney 7 families game

Disney 7 families game

One of the most popular 7 family games for kids is the Disney hero game! Captivating children with beautiful, colorful cards decorated with their favorite heroes. Kids will have a great time! Whether it's with the family or with their super babysitter. It can also be a great idea for a birthday gift. 

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Ravensburger 7 Families Game

Ravensburger 7 Families Game!

This game of 7 families is a version like no other. To win a family card, you don't just have to ask another player, but you also have to answer one of the many questions proposed by this revisited game! Ideal to play with your family!