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Playful and responsible awakening

Grow and develop

A child’s life is rich in discoveries and learning. The Kidlee babysitters thus adopt a role of mentor for the youngest, in order to make them discover the world, step by step and through a playful development at their own pace.

They provide physical security, but also moral security to the child, so that he can flourish, express his personality and try new experiences every day!

Managing emotions

Emotions management

It is important for a child to understand his emotions and to know that they are recognized by the adult. Whether it is joy, anger, sadness or disgust, the child must learn to live with his emotions and to manage them properly.

Just like at school, babysitting hours represent a ritual moment for the child, where he is confronted with the adult. But here he will be in a familiar environment, with a trusted person, who will teach him in a positive way to recognize and express his emotions. Through playful activities, but also by carefully choosing his words, the babysitter will guide the child to explore his emotions on a daily basis.

Awareness and autonomy

Child care hours are important moments for the child, who will remember them growing up and learn from them.This is a good way for him to evolve without the help of his parents. The child must learn to become autonomous, to know his limits and abilities.

The babysitter's role then will be to provide him with a secure framework conducive to exploration and exchange. He will encourage the child to try new activities and to gain self-confidence.

Awakening and autonomy
Perception and feeling

Perception and feeling

Let's go for hours of fun activities in good company ! Cooking, reading, gardening, dancing, shadow puppets, crafts. It's impossible to get bored during a playful daycare !

Kidlee baby-sitters are entertainment experts who will quickly make children forget about their screens. Their mission : to teach the youngest to reconnect with their imagination and their 5 senses. Moreover, children love to do things by themselves. The fact of creating something works on their motor skills, their concentration and makes them prouder than ever !

Openness to the world

There's no better way to break the routine than by trying something new. Thanks to their great imagination, but also to their curiosity, children are the best at discovering new things.

They love to repeat words in English, draw like Picasso and be proud to cook like in Mexico ! There are a thousand and one activities that Kidlee babysitters master and make discover to the youngest, according to their desires and yours!

Openness to the world

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