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Férial, Psychologist, co-founder and manager of Happiness Family


  My team and I will help you find the ideal person to accompany your child all year round! We take great care to offer you quality candidates adapted to the needs of your little ones.

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At Kidlee, there are no extra or hidden fees, but a transparent and fair rate for families and their babysitters.

As a parent, you only pay for the hours of care your child receives and you can benefit from :

    Our quality babysitters

    Discover our exclusive selection of quality babysitters, ready to offer your family an exceptional childcare experience.

    Maria D 54 years old France  United Kingdom

    Profession/field of study : English teacher (retired)

    Skills :


    Fun activities


    Ikram E 23 years old France United Kingdom

    Profession/field studies : Medicine

    Skills :

    Homework help



    Antonin D 18 years old France  United Kingdom

    Profession/field studies : Law

    Skills :

    Homework help

    Adriana E 23 years old France  United Kingdom 

    Profession/field studies : History

    Skills :

    Artistic activities

    3000 families have put their trust in us!

    4.9 stars on average


    "Alice is a real gem. Since she's been with us, our evenings are much more relaxed. The children enjoy her immensely and we are reassured to know that they are in good hands in her presence."


    "Léo and Clara are real whirlwinds of energy! Thanks to the Kidlee team, I always have plenty of ideas for activities to keep them entertained, whether it's creative games or outings to the park. It's a real pleasure to see their faces light up when I suggest new adventures!"


    "I've been a Kidlee babysitter for 1 year now, accompanying Emma who is 4 and just adorable. What I particularly appreciate is that I'm always in touch with the Kidlee team. Knowing that they're there to answer my questions and support me when I need them reassures me enormously. It allows me to concentrate fully on Emma's well-being and providing her with the best possible experience."


    "We were introduced to Sophie after 4 days and the match is just perfect, thank you Férial for your support" "

    Pauline and Thomas

    "Since Lucas has been looking after our two children, our daily lives have been much simpler and calmer. He looks after the children very well and they really enjoy his company. We are grateful to have found him."


    "Working with the Julien family is a really rewarding experience. their son, Nathan, is very engaging. We enjoy spending time together playing board games and reading stories. It's a real privilege to contribute to his development."


    "I'm honoured to be babysitting Louise and Maxime, who are truly adorable. Louise loves to draw and Maxime is passionate about building sets. I love helping them with their favorite activities and watching them grow every day. It's a truly rewarding experience for me, thank you Kidlee.

    Julie and Marc

    "Lea is really good with our children and we can see a real improvement in their confidence, especially at school. Thank you Kidlee!

    Why choose Kidlee as your childcare option?

    Hundreds of fun activities

    Workshops for the whole family

    Simple, intuitive, automated platform

    Babysitters of excellence from different backgrounds

    Continuous training of the babysitters

    Fair and measured pricing

    Strong commitments

    Customized support and care

    Who are our super babysitters?



    From of the best higher education coursesour student babysitters are genuine mentors with children; in particular, when it comes to share their passions (music, arts, foreign languages, homework help).


    Bilingual and Native

    Whether you're looking for an introduction or total immersion, our instructors bilingual or native will be able to provide learning at the same time fun, immersive and creative foreign languages to your children.


    Full time nanny

    High hours, changing schedules, night shifts... Our nannies, freshly qualified and highly experiencedwill be able to relay at any time and accompany your children in a conducive to learning, development and awareness.


    Young retiree

    Backed by significant experience with children, young retirees Kidlee are both active and creative ! Ideal for accompanying your family with benevolence while creating an intergenerational link very rewarding in your home.

    Contact us if you'd like to join us and be part of the adventure


    Our commitments

    Continuous training of the babysitters

    Our primary mission is to provide our children with a safe, cool and stimulating environment to allow them to develop in the most favorable conditions adapted to the needs of each kid.

    Promoting young talent

    At Kidlee, we believe in nurturing the talents of our babysitters, who are carefully selected and trained to provide exceptional care for your children. We support their professional development to ensure enriching experiences for your little ones.

    Creating memories

    we're committed to creating unforgettable memories for your children through our fun, bilingual childcare. Every moment spent with our babysitters is an opportunity to build precious moments and enrich your child's experiences, while offering you total peace of mind.

    Kidlee Resources

    Kidlee offers a wide range of resources to help you meet your daily challenges!
    Family or babysitter, come and discover our articles, white papers and podcasts.

    Kidlee Resources

    To help you meet your daily challenges, Kidlee offers you a wide range of resources!
    Family or babysitter, come and discover our articles, white papers and podcasts.