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Entertaining and bilingual childcare


We provide you with 3 personalized profiles within 72 hours!

Our babysitters are carefully selected to meet the requirements of your family. Here’s what they can offer to your child:

Activities and

Drawing, arts and crafts, music and theater are excellent for the awakening and development of the child!

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Help with

A personalized mentoring allowing the student to better assimilate and understand his lessons. 

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Whether it's for an initiation or a bilingual daycare, learning languages is above all a fun process!

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Hours of babysitting can turn into adventures, where the child discovers the world through the sharing of new experiences!

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The fair price for responsible childcare

Switch to a responsible childcarewhich pays babysitters their fair share!

At Kidlee, there are no extra or hidden fees, but a transparent and fair rate for families and their babysitters.

As a parent, you only pay for the hours of care your child receives and you can benefit from :

    Find the right care for your needs

    Every day of the year or according to your needs, your babysitter will pick up your child from school, bring him/her home and take care of him/her playfully until your return.

    Regular childcare

    Enjoy a playful childcare every day of the year, after school or according to your needs. We will find the perfect match for your child's needs.

    Wednesdays care

    An ideal way for the babysitter to set up real fun activities with the child and turn Wednesdays into a real adventure based on awakening and discovery.

    Weekend care

    Whether you are working or want to go out with friends, you can also hire one of our great babysitters who will make sure your child spends a great weekend!

    Our great partners


    partner schools and universities

    A team close to the families and the babysitters

    Growing and blooming through childcare hours

    Our mission at Kidlee is to turn in-house childcare into fun and challenging moments for the children.

    Therefore, we take great care in selecting each of our babysitters to create the best possible match for each family.

    We train our staff to understand the needs of each age group, but also to use positive awakening methods, fun games, first aid measures, etc.

    We will find your child the trusted babysitter who will suit him/her best!

    Let's take care of our children and our planet

    At Kidlee, the well-being of the children is our priority, and that goes far beyond babysitting.

    It is a way of acting and thinking.

    We are in the media!

    "Kidlee, the smart babysitting that helps children progress"

    "The solution to turn after-school childcare into a fun time"

    "Childcare platforms to help parents"

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