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Artistic activities and initiations

Our babysitters share their passions

Our babysitters all have particular passions ( artistic activities, sports, languages, etc. ) which they wish to introduce to the youngest to arouse their curiosity and knowledge !

Arts and crafts, painting, etc. are not just for the entertainment of young children. They also have excellent effects on their development. Handicrafts are among the best activities to offer to children.

Benefits of babysitting

Some examples of the benefits of artistic activities for your child:

Drawing is part of the activities essential to the child’s development. Its virtues are numerous and allow children to develop unexpected skills : cognitive development, coordination, self-assertion…

Musical learning also has significant sensory and motor impacts, promoting better planning and execution of movements. Rhythmic activities have positive impacts on body intelligence as they improve coordination, balance, tone and spatial orientation.

The theater helps develop verbal expression. This activity stimulates children to improve their communication skills. They store a lot of vocabulary, but also diction, fluidity and clarity, among others.

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