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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Kidlee babysitter:

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At what age can you start working with Kidlee?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Kidlee, one-time or regular babysitting?

Our babysitters accompany the children in their development. It is by building a trustful relationship that you will participate in their daily development. It is through a regular guard that Kidlee ensures a high-quality childcare.

What are the requirements to become a Kidlee babysitter?

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have significant experience in childcare.
  • Be authorized to work in France.
  • And of course have the Kidlee spirit !

In which geographical areas can Kidlee find me assignments ?

Kidlee puts you in touch with the perfect family for you in Paris and the Ile-de-France area !

How to become a Kidlee babysitter ?

🦸🏻‍♀️ Create your profile in just a few clicks on kidlee.fr 

📋 Fill in your details and upload your ID and criminal record 

📞 Book your telephone/visio interview with a Kidlee expert 

📝 we check your references 

If you are pre-validated:

🤝 You'll be invited to one of our integration meetings 🤗 


If you are validated:

🎉 We present you to the Kidlee families 

How to succeed in my interview with a family ?

The family will contact you after we have presented your profile, so they will have some basic information. The goal is simply to establish a first contact and get to know you a little better. Last advice, be careful not to miss the call !

Why pre-apply ?

Once you have completed your profile, you can access and pre-apply for the assignments that interest you. This will allow you to search for families that match with you while participating in the validation process. This will show us your motivation and help us to put you in touch with the family that suits you.

How do I change my profile information ?

Log in to your Kidlee space and go to "My Profile". You can then edit the information on the "Information" and "Skills" tabs.

How do I change my availability ?

Log in to your Kidlee space and go to "My Profile". You can then edit the "My availability" tab.

What if the family changes the hours of care ?

Don't worry, you can adjust your hours at any time in your Kidlee space. It is possible to add, modify or delete slots in order to indicate the hours actually worked. Adjustments are made to the nearest 15 minutes.

Can we work with multiple families at Kidlee ?

You can decide to work with several families according to your availability !

What is the income of a Kidlee babysitter ?

A Kidlee babysitter's income ranges from €14 to €17.50 per hour depending on your assignment and the skills required by the family.

How do you receive your income with Kidlee ?

Once the childcare contract is signed, you will be asked to fill in your bank details. At the end of each month, be sure to check the hours of childcare actually provided via your personal space. Once validated, Kidlee takes care of everything ! You will find all your invoices in "My documents". Payment is made by bank transfer.

When will I receive my income ?

Parents are deducted on the last day of the month. It then takes 7 days of bank delays to receive your income.


Can I be absent from work for a short period of time ?

We all have obligations, the important thing is to prevent. It is therefore essential to inform the family of your exceptional absence. Contact your Kidlee advisor as soon as possible so that he/she can organize a replacement for you on the day. It is important to give at least 48 hours notice.

I don't want to be a babysitter anymore, how do I stop my account ?

You can delete your account directly from your Kidlee space, "My Profile" then "My Preferences".

Important: If you are on assignment, be sure to inform the family and your Kidlee counselor so we can arrange for a replacement. 

Operation for Families:

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How are the baby-sitters selected

The baby-sitters go through several steps before being validated. The candidate's profile is first studied and then retained. He/she is then called by one of our experts to pre-evaluate his/her human aptitudes and possible diplomas. The pre-selected candidates are then invited to an interview which allows us to evaluate the future babysitters through role-playing. The validated profiles that meet your needs are then presented to you. They benefit from free training throughout the contract.

What do Kidlee babysitters offer ?

All our sitters are trained and supervised to provide fun activities. Children learn through games in a stimulating way. We can propose profiles with linguistic, artistic or sports skills.

Are there any search fees ?

No, there are no fees with Kidlee, you only pay for the hours you spend on childcare.

Is there a commitment to initiate the search ?

The research is launched completely free of charge and without commitment. You can contact the babysitters and meet them, only the hours of actual childcare will be counted.

Who does the paperwork ?

Kidlee automates all the administrative steps to simplify your daily life : generation and management of the service contract, generation and management of invoices, sending of invoices to your CAF and generation of the tax certificate.

What are the conditions for obtaining CAF aid ?

To obtain CAF aid, your child must be between 3 and 6 years old, and you must provide at least 16 hours of childcare per month.

Can I get a tax credit ?

Absolutely ! Kidlee is a human services company, so you get 50% tax credit on childcare hours.

Do I have to pay an administration fee ?

There are no ancillary fees with Kidlee (registration, research, commitment or management). You only pay for actual childcare hours !

Do the rates change depending on the number of children ?

No, the rates remain the same. You pay the same number of hours no matter how many children you have.

Are care hours insured ?

Yes, all independent babysitters who work through Kidlee have liability insurance that covers the hours of care.

What is the status of the babysitters ?

Our baby-sitters are micro-entrepreneurs approved for personal services. You are not the employer of the baby-sitter but his client.

How is babysitting organized during the vacations ?

Depending on your needs, you can put your contract on hold, change the hours or stay on a similar schedule as the rest of the year. Remember to check the availability of your babysitter during this particular period. It is possible that students have staggered vacations.

My babysitter has to go away, what should I do ?

Your babysitter is required to inform you of his or her absence and contact his or her advisor as soon as possible, at least 48 hours in advance. The latter will organize a replacement for the date in question. In case of last minute absence, we will do our best to find a replacement for you.

My babysitter worked overtime, what should I do ?

On your personal space, you can access at any time the “Time tracking” section to adjust the number of hours. Schedules can be adjusted to the nearest quarter of an hour to pay for only actual childcare. Billing at the end of the month is based on this hourly tracking.