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📣 Babysitting rates and fairness: What you babysitters should know!

par | Sep 21, 2023 | Special Edition

Hello, Baby-sitters,

Today's topic is crucial for you: babysitting rates and fair pay. You work hard to ensure the well-being of children and contribute to the balance of families, but it's just as important to look after your own financial well-being.

🔍 The Pay Gap: A Point Not to Ignore

Imagine a family needing 75 hours of childcare a month. This family would pay around €1950 to an agency, at an average rate of €26/hour. How much would you earn as a babysitter? Only €660 net for the month. That's less than a third of what the family pays. This applies to all hourly rates - the gap is enormous, and to the babysitter's detriment! 

🤝 Families and their willingness to invest in quality

Many families are aware of the importance of providing a quality environment for their children. They are even prepared to pay tips on top of the agency's fee to guarantee the quality and loyalty of their babysitter. This raises the question: if families are willing to invest in quality, why isn't this investment always reflected in the babysitter's remuneration?

🎓 A proven precariousness! 

Babysitting is very often a source of income for people from different backgrounds and life situations. Whether it's to finance your studies, supplement another job or simply pay the bills, fairer remuneration can make all the difference and improve living conditions! 

🙌 Kidlee has a Solution for You!

Kidlee's "Duo" offer could be the answer you're looking for. If you're already working for a family, the two of you can join Kidlee together! 

  • Save the family more than 10 % on current overall costs 
  • It's up to the babysitter to increase her income to 50 % without costing the family an extra €1. 

To take the example of the family that needs 75 hours a month and pays €26/hour (before subsidies), we would save the family €225/month, or €2,000 over the school year. For the babysitter, we'd take her from €660 net/month to over €1,000/month!  

👉 Would you like to know more about the Duo offer? Fill in this short form to find out your eligibility and receive an offer proposal: https://crcc3vnpyjg.typeform.com/to/TwGTbNnG

🌟 About Kidlee

We're Kidlee, and our mission is simple: to set a standard of fairness and transparency in an industry that sorely needs it.

We help parents who are looking for a childcare solution, as well as parents who already have one, to make it more equitable! 

Together, let's take a step towards a fairer, more transparent industry. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to share if you too think change is needed.