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Student life: how to become a more eco-responsible student?

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Good plans, Lifestyle

When you're young, you expect your college years to be the best of your life. However, student life is not easy and that's what makes it so charming. Between midterms, the student job and personal life, it can quickly turn into a real obstacle course. So, how do you be a responsible student on top of all that? Don't panic, Kidlee has prepared a list of small ecological gestures that you can do in no time and without hurting your wallet. 

The To-Do list for an eco-responsible student life

Sorting your waste

We start with one of the most simplistic daily gestures. However, it remains essential for the planet. All you have to do is provide different containers for each package. Thus, your waste will be recycled and will have a second life. However, the best way to reduce the amount of non-recycled waste is to reduce the amount of waste, this is called a "zero waste" lifestyle. Here are some examples: 

- Avoid single-use products such as plastic plates, bottles and glasses, disposable razors and cotton swabs. Always choose durable or refillable items.

- Always carry a tote bag to avoid buying plastic bags that may end up in the ocean.

Have an eco-responsible diet

Consume products in bulk

Did you know that? When you buy a package of spaghetti, you also pay for the packaging. That's why bulk is a real alternative when it comes to cereals, rice, pasta and dried fruit. A gesture that will allow you to save money, reduce your waste and enjoy organic products.

Reduce your food waste

Here, we must absolutely tell you about the application "Too Good To Go".

It's an application that allows you to recover unsold products in nearby businesses (supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, mini-markets ...). Everyone wins because the consumer pays less, the shopkeeper gets rid of his unsold products and the planet breathes!

Reduce your water consumption

Even if water is included in the charges, it is not a reason to let it run freely. For example, we turn off the tap water when we brush our teeth. Also, we say goodbye to bathing or at least reduce its frequency. Even if bathing is a real moment of relaxation, it is incompatible with an eco-responsible lifestyle. It is preferable to opt for the shower which wastes much less water. 

Student life: take less polluting means of transportation

Between public transport, which is faster than the car in the city, bicycles and electric scooters, you have a wide choice. And with summer coming, walking is the ideal way to take care of the planet and your body at the same time.

However, if you are a car fan, you can carpool for a moment of exchange and sharing. By the way, we must absolutely tell you about the application Karos. The latter will automatically find the people who share your road. You just have to choose the person you want to carpool with and in 2 clicks your carpool is validated. In addition, the trips can be free depending on the region!

Choosing clothes that respect the planet

Did you know that the way we dress can be an obstacle to sustainable development? In fact, the textile industry is the second most polluting industry. There are many reasons for this, from synthetic fibers that contain plastic micro-particles to the long journeys that clothes make from the place of manufacture to the store. Fortunately, alternatives that combine fashion and ecology exist such as thrift stores, brands that offer eco-friendly clothing or second hand websites like Vinted.