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Baby sitting rates: how much does a baby sitter cost?

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Babysitting, Parents

If you are on this article, it means that you are looking for a trusted babysitter and so you ask about the rates. Or, you have finally found the rare pearl and all that's left to do is talk about salary. In both cases, you are certainly asking yourself one of the following questions: how much does a baby-sitter cost? What is the rate for baby sitting? What are the childcare rates? 

To enlighten you, Kidlee, a start-up that has been specializing in fun and bilingual childcare for 5 years now, answers your questions and helps you learn more about the baby sitting rate to fix or choose for your guard!

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Baby sitting rates: how to set a budget for your childcare?


Before setting a rate for babysitting, you will probably look for testimonials to help you determine where you stand. But you should know that this is not always the best solution, because each situation is unique. And you should know that knowing the real price of a babysitter in 2023 is not an easy task, because many parameters come into play. 

Set or know the rate of your baby-sitting, depends on several factors such as your region, the type of contract (agency or direct), the age, the level of experience of the babysitter or the services she offers. 

To simplify your life, we help you calculate the real price of your childcare by taking into account all the parameters that could influence the rate of your baby-sitting. 

Baby sitting rates by region :

In France, the average hourly cost for babysitting is about 9.50 €. However, depending on supply and demand, babysitting rates are not the same between Paris, Lyon and Marseille or in another much less populated region. In the Île de France and in some other cities, the average hourly rate for a babysitter is 10.85 €. 

What about the baby sitting rate in Europe?

The cost of childcare varies considerably from country to country. The highest childcare rates in Europe are found in in Switzerlandwith an average hourly cost of €23.50, followed closely by Norway 21.30 per hour. On the other hand, the lowest rates are found in Eastern European countries, such as Romania, where the average hourly cost of childcare is €2.70.

Net baby sitting rates: Île de France tops the list of the highest rates

Currently, the highest babysitting rates are in the Île-de-France region. In May 2023, the average net hourly rate for babysitters in this region is €10.24. However, it can reach up to 15 € net per hour, depending on various factors, such as experience, working hours or the services offered. The PACA and Corsica regions follow with average net hourly rates of €9.96/hr and €9.90/hr, respectively. It is therefore recommended to find out the babysitting rates in your area to better evaluate your babysitter's remuneration.

Go through an agency in Ile de France : 

Childcare rates via agency are also higher in Île de France. But the good news is that this generally guarantees a certain quality of service.

When you go through an agency in Ile de France, the babysitter's income can increase. It generally varies between 10 and 13€ net/hour.

Then, depending on the services of the babysitter, his or her level of experience and the care provided by the agency, you will have to plan a budget between a minimum of 24 € and a maximum of 35 € per hour at some agencies. 

This amounts to about 5 to 10€ spent per hour of care after CAF aid and tax credit.

To learn more about CMG childcare assistance, check out our article right here: cmg help and childcare: what you need to know for the best help!

Baby sitting rate according to the age of the baby sitter:

In 2023, babysitting rates are governed by the National Collective Agreement for employees of private employers. The minimum wage for babysitters over 18 years old is 11.27 € gross per hour. For babysitters aged 17, the minimum wage is €10.14 gross per hour. While for those under 17 years old, the minimum wage is 9.06€ gross per hour. Regarding the relationship with the SMICFor example, you can pay babysitters between the ages of 14 and 16 at 80 % of the minimum wage. While those aged 17 to 18 can be paid 90 % of the SMIC. It should be noted that these rates only take into account the minimum hourly rate. And that other factors can influence the cost of childcare.

Number of children:

baby sitting rate

The number of children is also a factor in the cost of your babysitting.

For one child, the minimum wage is 9.51€/hour. The price of your babysitting can therefore increase if there is more than one child. But don't worry, not to the point of multiplying the minimum wage by the number of children you look after! 

If you have more than one child, expect to pay extra per hour for each child you care for. For example, if you pay €60 for 5 hours of care for one child, you can pay about €75 for two children. 

Children's ages:

The younger the child, the more attention he or she needs. You will need an experienced nanny who is able to meet the child's needs. As a result, the price will be higher. The age of the children can also have an impact on the price of baby sitting.

Baby sitting rate: nanny's experience

You will feel more comfortable leaving your child with a nanny who has been babysitting for several years. A luxury that may cost you more than you expect. Also, if your baby sitter has a diploma in childcare, for example, you can expect a higher rate because the qualification of baby sitters is paid for.

Baby sitting hours:

Baby sitting in the evening:

Here, it is important to differentiate between actual work hours and responsible attendance hours or inactive hours. The former is when the nanny is caring for the child at 100 %. While the second are the hours when the child is sleeping. The nanny is on site and remains attentive. However, she may use this time to watch TV or study. These inactive hours can be paid at 2/3 of the net hourly SMIC.

Baby sitting on a holiday:

For New Year's Eve or a late dinner on Valentine's Day, you will need to hire a baby sitter. It is clear that the rate will not be the same as that of an ordinary evening. It is necessary to take into account that the days of festival make explode the request. Therefore, you must be prepared to pay more for this type of childcare.

Additional costs 

baby sitting rate

Additional costs may be charged to you:

  • Transportation costs: to avoid them, do not hesitate to accompany your baby sitter.
  • Possible overtime.
  • Paid vacations.
  • Compensation in case of cancellation. If you did not inform the young man or woman at least two hours before the beginning of the baby sitting.
  • Meal expenses.

Finally, the best way to decide on the right rate is to talk to the baby sitter. Also, regardless of the type of childcare chosen, all parents have the opportunity to benefit from certain financial aid. So don't panic!

How to pay for your childcare?

It is true that for this question, you have a wide range of answers. Depending on the type of childcare you choose, you can pay your babysitter by check, cash, bank transfer, or ticket. CESU (Cheque emploi service universel). If you go through an agency, it can be done by transfer or CESU ticket (for some agencies).

If you go direct, it is more than necessary to declare your nanny. You must know that the state does not joke with the black work.

Therefore, for the safety of your nanny and children, start the online process for the declaration of your babysitter. You can also opt for an agency that can take care of all this.

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