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What is my babysitting budget?

by | Jan 26, 2020 | Information, Parents

Nowadays, the use of child care has become almost indispensable for working parents. It is, in fact, more convenient to hire a babysitter or a nanny when you have a long working day. Having flexible schedules, it is preferable to solicit students for regular, punctual or occasional care. In this case, parents often wonder about the cost of baby sitting and the budget for the year. This is especially true when you consider the diversity of the childcare sector in terms of pricing. 

Baby sitting rates: how to set a budget for your childcare?

Depending on supply and demand, babysitting rates are not the same in Paris, Lyon, Marseille or in another less populated region. Currently, the region with the highest rates is the Ile de France. In this region, the average rate is 9.51 euros net/hour and babysitters earn up to 14 € net per hour. Next comes the PACA region with 9.45€ per hour and Corsica 9.39€/hr.

It is therefore important to find out what the rates are in your area in order to better evaluate your childcare remuneration or your babysitting budget.

Other factors influencing the definition of a babysitting budget

Services & qualification :

Childcare rates also depend on the type of service requested by the family. For example, if you want your babysitter to help your children with their homework, teach them a language or impart a particular skill, the minimum wage will be higher.

Also, like childcare providers, experienced and certified babysitters generally receive well above average incomes. 

It should be noted that babysitting on special days such as Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve and night shifts is usually paid extra. So, if your babysitter works late at night or on a special occasion, you will have to add a few euros to his or her pay according to the hourly rate.

Number & age of children :

If the number of children is more than three, your nanny or the intermediary through whom you work may ask for an increase according to the number of children. But, it is obviously not a question of calculating the remuneration by multiplying the smic per child kept. 

Other additional costs should also be taken into consideration when determining your babysitting budget. In particular, transportation costs and meal costs. Suggest to your babysitter that he/she take his/her meals in your home.

Or, add this cost to her income. If your babysitter has to take transportation, her travel expenses will also have to be covered. 

Administrative procedures and employer charges

In order to define your babysitting budget, it is also important to be aware of the various options available. Direct employment, self-employed babysitters, agencies, applications or networking sites. This will allow you to have an idea of all the administrative steps to take.

To benefit from all child care assistanceIt is first essential to proceed legally. In other words, to declare your baby sitter, if you recruit directly. The same goes for recruitment via apps and networking sites. It will also be necessary to think about the time to devote to the administrative and legal procedures in force. 

If you want to use a specialized agency, it would be wise to plan a larger budget. A budget varying between 25 and 30 euros per hour. Nevertheless, this will allow you to avoid the constraints of budgetary, administrative and salary management.

And this, while taking advantage of the services of a baby sitter corresponding to your needs. The advantage of these organizations is that they also take care of the procedures for assistance. And this, in order to reduce the costs disbursed by the parents.  

Get fair pricing With Kidlee:

At KidleeIn addition to thinking about quality, we also think about fair prices for both babysitters and parents. Our babysitters and nannies are carefully recruited and trained in the best practices of childcare.

And this, in order to ensure an accompaniment favouring the awakening and the development of the children on all levels. With one and only objective: the development of the child.

If you do not have the time to go through direct recruitment and you wish to call upon a baby sitting agency offering fair rates, experienced and trained profiles and full administrative support, visit our website or contact us directly for more information!