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Halloween: 5 activities to do with your family

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Good plans, Decorations, Do It Yourself, Games, Games and Development, Kids, Parents

The spooky holiday is approaching and it's time to think of activities to do with the little wolves on this occasion! Here is a small selection of ideas that will surely help you have a great Halloween with your family. And this, even at home! 

We make our own Halloween costumes! 

Halloween disguises
© mermagblog / Marie Claire

What could be more fun than making your own Halloween costume? An activity that is both fun and satisfying for the children and that will certainly delight them on the big day. For example, you can opt for scary masks to cut out and proudly wear on Halloween night. For hats, between wizard, pirate or fairy, you also have a large choice of easy to make ideas on the great site Modelling head. And if you want to go further and make great costumes with the kids, Marie Claire has concocted a nice selection of easy to make ideas ! Between the astronaut costume, the adorable bat or the big bad wolf, you will find, for sure, your happiness and especially the happiness of your little ones! 

And while we're at it, let's make the candy too! 

candy and sweets
ELLE/ Pinterest / Chelsea's messy apron

Since Halloween rhymes with candy and sweets, why not make your sweets at home with the kids? It's a healthier alternative to industrial candies that often contain too much sugar. In order to make home-made candies, you will generally need very simple ingredients such as fruit juice, gelatin, flavors... For the recipes, kitchenaz offers you a nice selection of delicacies  to do at home ! For blood-curdling decorating ideas, check out this article from ELLE magazine. The editors suggest a scary gallery of treats to devour on the day. 

Original goodie bags for the harvest! 

Goody Bags
© Modelling head

Go for originality with personalized bags, isn't it fun? Making candy bags or baskets with your little wolves would be so much more fun than buying them at the market. It will also be a great moment to share with your family before the big harvest. For fans of decoupage a great DIY idea is waiting for you at Lulu ! And, as usual, the Modeling Head team has also prepared a range of ideas to make with the kids. Between spiders, ghosts and candy-eating pumpkins, you'll have plenty of choices for ultra original bags. 

What about Halloween night? 

Costumes and treats are great, but what about adventure? Here are two activities that are seriously popular at family Halloween parties! 

The treasure hunt 

Halloween scavenger hunt
© children's soul

It's time to dress up as super adventurers: a pirate or Indiana Jones and go in search of the gourmet treasure hidden in one of the rooms of the house. For the treasure, you have the choice! But, we recommend the most expected reward for the children: the candies! For ideas, don't panic. We found some great nuggets to try! First favorite, Halloween Scavenger Hunt for the 4/6 years old proposed in Kit to print by the site child's soul. If you want to make it simpler, Jeux et compagnie offers you a very nice idea, free and ultra easy to do. You just have to download for free the hunting sheet and print it according to the number of players. Then follow the rules of the game and you're done! 

The escape game ! 

Escape game version halloween
© Creative moods

In the same way as the treasure hunt, the escape game is also a great activity to do with the family on Halloween night. This game often requires few resources but a lot of thinking. Steal a loot and escape, find the Halloween candy in a sealed room, escape the candy-eating zombie... You can imagine any theme you want. Then, all you have to do is to imagine a story with a common thread, make easy puzzles and provide yourself with locks to spice it up.

Otherwise, there are great ready-made kits at affordable prices to download on the internet. For the 6 to 10 year olds, Escape Kit offers an ultra elaborate escape game inspired by the world of Harry Potter. The game is delivered turnkey for a maximum of family fun. We advise you to have a look at the article from Humeurs créatives who tested this kit with his little wolves. For the older ones, the Exit brand offers various escapes games in the form of board games to enjoy with the whole family. We love the Orient Express corpse theme to be bought at Cultura! 

What about you? What are your favorite things to do to celebrate Fearfest? Tell us all about it in comments! Until then, the whole team Kidlee wishes you all a happy Halloween!