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Why take out travel insurance when studying abroad?

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Good plans

Travel insurance is not the first thing on your mind when you go to study abroad! And yet, it is important to take care of it to leave serenely. We explain to you in 5 points why you must take a travel insurance when you are going to leave. 

#1 - To reimburse your medical expenses

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The first reason is obvious, but necessary. When you are abroad, you will not have access to the same health system as in France. Here we have social security, our "carte vitale" and we know generally how the health system works. If you go to the other side of the world, it's not the same thing! The costs can be very high and a travel insurance will allow you to cover yourself in case of medical problems. 

#2 - To reassure your parents

In fact, they may be the ones who first told you about travel insurance. And it's normal, they may be worried about you going abroad and not knowing how you'll take care of yourself. Taking out travel insurance is a guarantee that you will have 24-hour assistance in case of a problem. 

#3 - To secure your home 

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Another important point that will be covered by your insurance is your student housing. Indeed, with an insurance like GObyAVAYou will have a civil and rental responsibility, in case of water damage or fire for example. 

#4 - To cover your hospitalization costs  

You may just get sick, but you may also need surgery! In this case, the costs can be very high and you may not have the money to have the operation. In this case, travel insurance is very practical, since it will take care of your expenses directly. You won't have to pay a penny. 

#5 - To validate your visa 

A final reason to purchase travel insurance is that you may need insurance to validate your student visa! Indeed, for some countries, it is mandatory and you need a certificate to present. In this case, you can contact your insurance company so that they can provide you with the certificate by e-mail, once you have subscribed to your contract. 
Travel insurance is therefore more than necessary when you go to study abroad. We recommend GObyAVA, which is a complete insurance and which offers a contract adapted to students: the Health Plan Studies. Contact them to learn more about their offers. And to save money before you leave, discover our babysitting offers with Kidlee.