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Moving to Paris: 7 tips for this new start!

by | Sep 3, 2020 | News, Good plans

When you have always lived with your parents and/or far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, moving to Paris is certainly not an easy task! How to avoid getting lost at every street corner? How do you find a place to live that you can afford? Or find the right job to make ends meet?

It's already time to leave the nest! And start the long-awaited studies or work in Paris, but a hundred fears are looming on the horizon? You may be starting to be afraid of what awaits you and of not being able to adapt to this life! 

You are not the only one to take the plunge! The proportion of Parisians who were not born here is increasing. This proves that it's not that bad and that it might even be nice to live there. 

Don't worry, we've listed some essential tips to make this new beginning a fun adventure! 

Create a community

The inhabitants of Paris are people who tend to move a lot. So there are new people arriving very regularly! So why not get to know new people who are in the same situation as you? There is nothing better to feel comfortable and surrounded in this new life! 

→ How to do it. 

That's all well and good, but not everyone dares to spontaneously reach out to others to make new friends. Fortunately, the Meetup application allows you to organize cultural and sports outings with other people! But not just anyone, people who have the same interests as you! It's easier to talk to new people knowing they have the same tastes as you, right? 

If you want, you can even make yourself useful by becoming a volunteer in an association. You will also have the opportunity to meet new people! A great opportunity to feel useful while making new friends! 

Surviving in the subway 

Ah... the most dreaded moment of all! The Paris metro doesn't make you want to spend hours there every day. 

Good news! Parisian metro stations are so close to each other. And now you're probably thinking, "But why am I being told this?" Simply because it's sometimes faster, and more pleasant, to make your commute on foot rather than by metro. 

To keep the time from getting too long when you're walking through the streets of Paris, listening to a podcast with the Pocket Casts app is a great way to pass the time! You can even listen to audio series with Sybel A good compromise, isn't it? 

Walking is too long for you? You can do it by bike with bike paths all over Paris! No more excuses now. Plus, with this, keeping in shape is a sure thing!

Knowing how to go green

Yes, you read that right. Greenery also exists in the Paris region even though it is the largest city in France! 

You'll think that the small parks in Paris are ridiculous and that there's nothing you can do. But what about taking the transport to the park of Sceaux? To the Château de Vincennes or even to Versailles to escape for a few hours? 

Even better, why not spend a nice afternoon climbing in the Fontainebleau forest? Or a great hike in Rambouillet? 

You see, there's plenty to do for your craving for fresh air and greenery. 

If going green in unknown regions scares you, use the Balade branchée application to guide you and help you find something that suits you in Ile-de-France.

Keeping your budget

It must be said that daily life in Paris is more expensive than anywhere else in France. If all your savings go to rent, it's going to be difficult to eat anything else but pasta... 

To avoid going into the red, it is essential to keep track of your accounts. But spending your evenings doing your accounts in a notebook is not a dream... The Expense Manager or Visual Budget apps can do it for you without any hassle! Efficiency and speed will be the order of the day. No need to worry anymore, you will be able to enjoy your new life in Paris with peace of mind. 

Finding the perfect home

Finding the perfect place to live so you don't break the bank can sometimes be a real obstacle course! Instead of worrying, there are some nice alternatives that will help you find your home! 

  1. Intergenerational housing: having a low rent in exchange for small services rendered to an elderly person with https://www.leparisolidaire.fr/ or https://toitplusmoi.eu/
  2. Your school's platform: Studapart, for example, has gathered 160 universities, maybe yours is one of them! Go take a look: https://www.studapart.com/fr
  3.  A roommate: why not try sharing an apartment with people your own age thanks to https://www.flatnyou.com/
  4. Housing for services: free housing for babysitting, gardening or cleaning! With Toichezmoi, you will find your happiness 🙂 
  5. The Kaps system: a low-rent roommate, the dream, right?
  6. In a student residence: having your own personal corner while sharing moments with other people, a good compromise, no? Whether it is with Lokaviz, there is plenty to do!

Get out and about to enjoy the neighborhoods of Paris

The last and most pleasant advantage of living in Paris is of course all the neighborhoods to visit! 

This will allow you to make the most of your Navigo card (what a clever girl!). But moreover you will have the opportunity to discover all the corners of this great city!

Are you the type of person who discovers great places? But when your friends ask you for recommendations, you can't remember them even though you loved them? Then the Swarm application is for you! You can save your favorite places and they all appear on a map. You will become the ace of your friends' good tips! 

If you're the type of person who likes to discover all the corners of a city while having fun, the Foxie application will be perfect! You have to solve a set of riddles in a minimum of time. Each step corresponds to a riddle and you can only move on to the next step by giving the right answer. Fun, the app makes us discover Paris differently.

Find a student job to make ends meet

Like most students, why not try to find a small job in the capital? It's a great way to meet new people, gain experience, keep yourself busy in the evenings, and of course, earn some money!

As a waiter, cashier or babysitter, there is something for everyone!

By the way, if you're looking for a meaningful student job that offers you a boosted income, don't hesitate to sign up right here https://kidlee.fr/ to babysit for the family that suits you!

Finally, living in Paris is quite appealing, isn't it? All you have to do is look at the positive aspects and organize yourself to take full advantage of this new life. Maybe you'll end up loving it so much that you won't want to leave, who knows!