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Back to school: 5 tips to be ready on D-Day!

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Good plans, School, Lifestyle, Parents

Back-to-school time is a very exciting time for kids! But, let's just say that things are not as easy for parents. Back to school can turn into a real post-holiday stressor. How to avoid this? There is only one thing to do: ORGANIZATION! 

Here are 5 organizational tips that will help you prepare for a smooth return to school!

For a quiet back to school, we start with a little night routine!

During the vacations, the daily rhythm of our toddlers is disrupted or even turned upside down! It is therefore essential to set the record straight and get the children used to the timing of the school. And this, one week or more, before the start of the school year. Many parents adopt this method and say that having a nightly routine is effective in easing the transition from vacation to school. To do this, we first set a schedule for each stage of the evening (dinner, bath/shower, brushing, sleep...). This little ritual will, at first, help the children to adapt to the rhythm of the school and especially, to abandon the bad habits of the vacations.

We're doing a little organizational "command" center near and after school!

Ladies and gentlemen, here's a tip that makes family life so much easier once the school year begins! If you have the space for it, you can design your hallway/hallway and do wonders for organization. An adapted command center will indeed be very useful for you and your little ones! For example, you can put large bins for backpacks and shoes. Others, for school stuff (organized according to the days eventually), important documents etc. A well highlighted task schedule will also help your children to organize their homework and family to-do list! 

We prepare the outfits of the week!

When there are a lot of people in the household, the outfit of the day is often a problem, especially when the alarm clock goes off! To remedy this and save time in the morning, it would be wiser to adopt the famous American technique known as outfit planning or the weekly capsule. It's very simple, we organize a small space in the dressings or rooms of the children for the outfits of the week. Try to prepare them together, it will allow you to spend a little fun time with the kids while introducing them to the joy of organization. A week's worth of ready-made outfits will save you a lot of hassle during the morning speeds! 

We're going all out for homework!

Layout again and again! Think of a small, fun space for homework, while assigning appropriate school supplies. This way, kids won't have to use their school stuff. Small rolling storage units can also be a great alternative to this, and this is to keep their pens, markers, pencils and more in plain view. Your kids will just have to bring their little cart and attack their chores! You can go even further by using color codes for revision or reusable slate surfaces to check what has been done and what remains to be done. Of course, don't forget to use the famous command center which will be very useful for tasks and planning. 

Learning to be well organized from a young age is essential; finishing one task before starting another or doing them in stages are far from being innate skills in our little balls of energy who often get bored very quickly with the activities they undertake. Creating a Bullet Journal with your child can be an excellent way to help them learn. Helping them establish a routine with tasks to accomplish will help them learn to prioritize each action to better manage their time and reach their goals more quickly. Your little one will be able to draw, stick stickers, and check off his little daily missions on his personalized mini Agenda.