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Board games for kids: top 8 games to teach English to kids!

par | Apr 29, 2022 | News

If a while ago, we were telling you about 10 reasons to introduce children to a new language at an early age, Today, we're going to practice! And not with just any language because it is the first language spoken worldwide, say hi! So yes, watching cartoons in English and introducing it little by little is a great start. But what about board game time? What if you took the opportunity to play in English too? A little birdie tells us that you're not really sure which board games to play as a child. Don't panic, Kidlee is here and we have prepared a selection of games to teach English to the little ones but also to spend good times with the family!

Brain box - Learn English

This game will give children the opportunity to demonstrate their observational skills. Be careful though because 10 seconds to prove it may not be enough for all children. After observing a card with several elements, you turn it over and must then answer as many questions as possible about it. This is a game that allows you to work on the child's memory and to enrich his English vocabulary.

A classic children's board game - Scattergories

This name doesn't tell you anything? And yet, we are ready to bet that you have already played the French version of it! It's the same old Baccalaureate. For each predefined category, you have to find words that start with a given letter. Of course, all in English. All you need for this game are pens, paper and a stopwatch!

Sky my husband

Here's a fun game for older kids or those who have been immersed in English culture from a young age! The objective of this game is to find English expressions as quickly as possible from literal French translations. For example, the English expression for "wild west" is indeed "Wild Wild West". That's 46 expression cards waiting for you. But don't worry, two clues will be present to help you find the right answer.

Board games for children and adults - Twist Délire Anglais

For this game, speed and observation go hand in hand. The goal is to find on the cards on the table, the words containing the 2 vowels drawn by the dice. Thus, this game allows to develop the English vocabulary and to work on the spelling of the words. 

Cartatoto English

board games for kids : english cartatoto

Whether it's for languages, maths or science, cartatoto is no longer a must! The version for learning English corresponds perfectly to the vocabulary learned in elementary school. So if you're looking for a board game to teach English to the little ones, you've come to the right place!


For this game, it will be especially the oral which will be requested, because it is necessary to be the fastest to give the translation of a word or a sentence. With 3 game modes and 2 levels of difficulty, there is something for everyone. Even if, it is advised from 7 years old.

Board games for children in adult mode - Shopping List

Children take turns turning over cards representing everyday items, from tomatoes to pizza to laundry. The winner is the first player to collect all the items on their list and fill their cart or basket! This game is suitable for children ages 3 to 7 and can be played with 2 or 4 players. Also, this game helps develop matching and memory skills, encourages observation skills and gives them a taste of adult life.

Tam Tam English

With Tam Tam English, each player must associate picture cards and word cards in English. This card game is recommended for ages 7 and up. However, it can be used by younger children (from 5-6 years old) if their level of reading and English is sufficient. 

Now all you have to do is choose a game from this top 8! Tell us which one is your favorite.