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Father's Day: 6 DIY gift ideas to make with children 

by | Jun 8, 2022 | News, Good plans

After the Mother's Day gift, we now move on to the gift to give to Dad. Yes, we don't forget him, eh! Even if it has been a bit neglected in France, Father's Day is now starting to gain in popularity for the greatest happiness of dads. And this year, Father's Day will take place on the second last Sunday of June. So we roll up our sleeves and prepare great personalized gifts to give to Dad. No ideas? Don't panic. Kidlee has prepared a nice selection of DIY's to give dad a great gift on Father's Day! 

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A great mix of photos: 

Father's Day DIY

With this ingenious idea, the momes.net website explains how to make the perfect support for your best photo memories! A beautiful realization that doesn't require much material. A small canvas to paint, acrylic paint, a ball of wool, hot glue and mini clothespins. Ideal DIY from 3 years old, with an adult of course. 

Tuto on the site moms 

A paper robot - Easy Father's Day card idea! 

father's day robot card

Isn't this paper robot so cute? Plus, you can add a picture inside to surprise dad! How cool is that? We found this nugget on iHeartCraftyThingsa great American site. Yes the tuto is in English, but don't panic, if English is not your thing, just look at the pictures and acquire this template to carry out the activity! 

Father's Day DIY: a message key ring

Black confetti

Here is a very cute keychain that will undoubtedly make daddy very happy. He will be able to have it on him all the time and the little message written on it (like a happy birthday daddy, I love you) will warm his heart at any time. To make this little wonder, you just have to check the website of Black confetti

Source: Black confetti 

Customize a mug for dad

Auchan and me

A dad who doesn't like coffee or tea, we haven't come across any yet. Have you? Not yet? We thought so! That's why the personalized mug is always a good idea when it comes to making dad happy! For a great mug, all you have to do is provide the kids with a mug and permanent markers or china markers. Then, just unleash their artistic souls! 

Source: Auchan & me 

A personalized Tic-Tac-Toe game: 

More Moms

Among the top gift ideas for Father's Day is the personalized tic-tac-toe game. Why? Well, besides surprising dad, we can have fun playing with him with this great gift. Especially, if father and children like games! Icing on the cake, this tic-tac-toe game is super simple to make and doesn't require much. All you need is cardboard, paint, poscas, self-hardening paste, varnish, brushes, scissors and a ruler. 

For the steps of realization, just check the great article of More Moms

PAPA cookies for Father's Day: 


What better way to end this great selection of Father's Day DIYs than with a great cookie recipe to make with the kids? Bonus, Littlemeline even offers you a tutorial to make a personalized box to put the cookies in once they are ready! Great, isn't it? Find the detailed recipe for these beautiful cookies at Littlemeline