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How to make a dream catcher: 4 easy DIY's to make with kids

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Babysitting, Do It Yourself, Parents

Looking for an inspiring activity to do with the kids? Why not make a dream catcher ? In addition to being a great decoration to hang above your bed or anywhere in your room, the dream catcher is very symbolic and comforting. According to the legend, it would help to chase away bad dreams and to sleep peacefully. Ideal for the little ones! But how to make a dream catcher?

Through this article, Kidlee shares with you some great DIY's and tips! With your help, the child will be able to make his own dream catcher. But first, we will look at its origin and what the dream catcher represents.

What is the origin of the dream catcher?

The dream catcher comes from the Amerindian culture, from the Ojibway tribe more precisely. One of the legends tells that a man who was looking after his brothers and sisters, went hunting as usual. When he found no beast, he went further up a mountain. From that moment on, he came across a frightening beast whose memory would haunt his nights as soon as he closed his eyes to go to sleep. Until the man, exhausted from his nightmares, went out one day in the forest, exhausted, he fell asleep and surprise! No nightmare!

When he woke up, he noticed a spider web above him and deduced that it was because of her. He then decided to try the experiment again and still no nightmares! Little by little, the story spread throughout his tribe, and the women began to make dream catchers resembling the spider's web, which would protect the inhabitants from bad dreams. 

In addition, the dream catcher was used to capture bad dreams and destroy them in the morning.

What does the dream catcher represent?

According to the legend, the hoop represents the sun. The traditional weaving of the dream catcher represents a spider web. This web captures the bad dreams and then the first rays of the sun burn them. The 8 points of contact with the hoop correspond to the 8 legs of the spider.

The pearl in the center of the weave represents the spider. This bead will keep the beautiful dreams and the feathers also have the function to let the dreams slide from the bead to the holder of the dream catcher.

The dream catcher protects the person who made it or the person to whom it is given. It is then preferable that the dream catcher is touched by the least possible person.

Dream catchers were originally intended to protect children and babies from bad dreams. According to Native American culture, dreams are the link between man and the great spirit, and that good dreams influence the path of the child. If the child focused only on his good dreams, he would want to go towards positivity. On the other hand, if he was haunted by bad dreams, it would be more difficult.

The years passed and the dream catchers became a nice spiritual jewel to hang on the wall of the room or above the headboard. And since then, several types of dream catchers appeared to put in different rooms bringing a touch of bohemian decoration and a touch of spirituality. The dream catchers would absorb the negative waves which are propagated in the environment.

How to make your own dream catcher?

Have fun making dream catchers with the kids with affordable DIYs. If you are baby sitteryou can organize a small creative workshop on a Wednesday, and if you are Family Have fun making dreamcatchers on a rainy weekend for example! We let you choose the DIY you prefer:

Mini dream catcher simplified 

The dream catcher in question is simplified, already at the level of weaving, but also with the number of beads and feathers that hang. To make it, you just have to follow the steps shown in the pictures and explained below:

  1. Prepare all materials: empty tape roll, scissors, wool, feathers, colored thread, other decorations.
  2. Wrap the wool around the roll until it is completely covered. Secure with a knot.
  3. Take a length of colored string, tie a knot around your hoop at regular intervals, then stretch the string to a spot a few feet in the center and loop it. Continue to make evenly spaced loops until you have gone all the way around.
  1. Repeat this process with a second length of chain...
  2. ... And again with a third.
  3. Now tie a length of string to a feather and tie it with a bow to the bottom of your hoop.
  4. Next, add some decorations. We glued on some mini pompoms and a glitter star.
  5. The last step is to attach a loop of string at the top to hang your dream catcher from.

Source: HappyThough.co.uk

DIY child, how to make a dream catcher with a paper plate :

To make this dream catcher, you will need:

A paper plate, scissors, paint, thread, feathers, beads, punch, stickers 

The steps: 

  • First, we're going to cut out the bottom of the plate to make our circle. Then we'll punch holes all around the edge and paint it all in!
  • While we let the plate dry, let's get to the feathers! Attach the thread to the feather. And then add the beads for decoration. Repeat the process so that you have 3 strings of beautifully decorated feathers. 
  • Let's go back to the dry plate. Randomly thread your yarn through the holes. Add a few beads for additional decoration as you go. Decorate with stickers if you like. 
  • Drill three holes towards the bottom of the dream catcher. Attach the feathers. 
  • And that's it! You can then hang your dream catcher on the wall or bedpost. If your child has a bad dream, blow it into the dream catcher.

Source: 4 Crazy Kings

Colorful dream catcher 

Let's start by gathering the materials. In addition, you will need an embroidery drum, a few balls of brightly colored wool, colorful tape, multicolored wooden beads and pom-poms.

The realization is very simple, first of all, you just have to wrap the wooden hoops with adhesive tapes adapted to the decoration of your room or to your tastes.

For the canvas, have fun taking different colored twine and make several passes for a full weave! Finally, make some garlands out of beaded string and more that will give your dream catcher a finished and complete look. And then you can hang your work of art wherever you like.

Source: Deavita

DIY kids : How to make a dream catcher in 5 steps :

You will need:

  • Round base for the dream catcher (metal ring) 
  • The scissors
  • Remaining strands of wire - different colors
  • The scissors
  • Adhesive glue
  • Colorful handmade feathers
  • Colored polystyrene balls
  • Tassels.

The steps will be as follows:

  1. Take a metal hoop and wrap it with wire so that it is completely covered and finish by tying two tight knots with the remaining wire.
  2. Take 1 or 2 strands of different colored yarn and randomly wrap them around the inside of the base to create a random web pattern for the dream catcher.
  3. Once you are finished creating the weave. Take pieces of yarn of different colors and attach them to the bottom of your circle. 
  4. Glue the polystyrene balls on the weaving. For more decoration
  5. Finally, attach the colored craft feathers and pom poms to the open ends of the attached yarn ends on the bottom of the circle from step 3. You can add more details and decorative items to the dream catcher if you wish.

Find the DIY in detail on : Craftbits

Small video tutorial to make the famous traditional canvas:

We share with you this video tutorial that shows you how to make the weaving of the canvas in a simple way. In case the child wants a real dream catcher, you can take care of it while he adds the decorations to the threads that hold the feathers!