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Advent calendar 2020: 15 easy DIY ideas!

by | Nov 18, 2020 | News, Good plans, Decorations, Do It Yourself, Lifestyle, Parents

Christmas is coming soon! And who says Christmas, says advent calendar to wait patiently! It's time to think about the 2020 advent calendar. And why not, to realize it? Indeed, there is nothing more satisfying than making your own advent calendar. And it's even better if you do it with your family. If you've never made your own advent calendar before, don't worry, it's not that hard! Besides, on the treasure that is often the internet, there are hundreds of DIY ideas. But how to choose? And besides, what are the easiest ones? 

As every year, at KidleeWe've done our little scouting to find the best ideas for you! 

The enchanted forest of advent

Animals, trees, glitter, this enchanted forest is not only ultra chic but also very simple to make. The trees are in the shape of beautifully decorated cones and for the decoration, you can let your imagination and that of your little ones run free for a calendar to your taste. 

Find the tuto details on YES YES YES studio

Advent calendar 2020 envelope style

As you can see, this calendar is very easy to make. Envelopes, tape and stickers will do the trick. You can choose printed envelopes or decorate them with your children by coloring them or decorating them with stickers and drawings. All you have to do is choose where to hang your 2020 advent calendar! 

Advent calendar small seamless bags

This very Christmasy calendar is easier to make than it looks! Because these little fabric bags are made without sewing. In fact, all you need is fabric, cord, a glue gun and scissors to make these little red bags. Then, you can decorate them and put sweets and gifts in them according to the size of the bags.  

Find the tutorial in detail on Momes

A great Calendar to print

Here is an ideal calendar to make work your creativity and to awaken the curiosity of your little ones. The site Momes, offers you a great calendar to print with 24 images that will hide 24 written surprises. A voucher for a chocolate'', ''a surprise hidden in the garden'', ''a voucher to choose the movie of the day'' ... to you to show imagination then for the ideas to hide.

 Find the tutorial in detail on Momes

Christmas Owl Advent Calendar

This calendar is to be made over several days because it requires a lot of crafting for a stunning result! Indeed, you will have to make owl pockets but also origami of various shapes. You will also have to decorate it to have fun with your little wolves.

Find the details of the realization on Modelling head

The homemade advent calendar

Here is the opportunity to recycle your toilet paper rolls and old cardboard boxes to make a nice advent calendar house. Tête à modeler, explains how to make, step by step, this recycled calendar. You can then decorate it as you wish and according to your children's tastes. 

Find the details of the tuto on Modelling head

The giant surprise snowflake

This colorful calendar is both simple and pretty. To make it, you will need to gather the following materials: cardboard rolls to cut out, colored paper, glue and imagination. Once the boxes are ready and the gifts are hidden, you can then make a giant snowflake or any other shape of your choice. 

Find the details of realization at Mrs. Lemon

Gift Pack Calendar

Craft, cutting and folding enthusiasts will love this printable calendar. zu-blog offers 24 gift boxes to assemble and a tree, snowman and 3D stars for decoration.

Find the steps and the assembly plan to print on zu-blog

Bonne Maman Calendar

Do you have little Bonne Maman jars lying around? Turn them into an advent calendar! Simply put numbers on the jars and place treats or miniature toys inside. You can also paint the jars and decorate them however you like. It doesn't matter how big the jars are, the most important thing is the imagination and also the surprises that are hidden inside.

The UPCYCLING calendar

You don't need to understand German to reproduce this great Upcycling idea. On this DIY, the pictures speak for themselves! All you have to do is take product packaging and other boxes you don't use and personalize them with gift wrap to make a great advent calendar. 

Find the details of the realization on That's Life Berlin 

Calendar with colored paper 

To make this advent calendar, all you need is different colored paper, printed tape and mini clothespins. Once you have made the paper pockets and inserted the surprises, you can place the packages in a basket or a pretty box and you're done! 

 Find the details of the realization on The Fox and star

Advent calendar 2020, curved!

An advent calendar hanging on a hanger, original no? This calendar is very simple to make. All you need is envelopes, thread and tape. Once the gifts are wrapped and the numbers are written, you just have to hang them on a hanger. 

The village calendar

Your child is a card collector! Why not surprise them by hiding new trading cards and treats in a beautiful cardboard village? In addition, to make this village, you need: a cardboard, a cutter, paint, glue and that's it! 

Find the tuto in steps at Mini reyve 

Advent calendar Diamonds!

I love these chic and original diamonds. To make this marvel, Leanna Earle provides you with a pattern and detailed instructions. All you have to do is start!

Find the details of the realization on Leanna Earle

Illustrated house calendar

How can you not fall in love with the illustrations that adorn this calendar? In fact, the content creator, Kriboute, generously shares her illustrations with you. All you have to do is print them and follow the tutorial to make this calendar! 

Find the steps on Kriboute