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Babysitting: what is shared custody?

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Babysitting, Information, Parents

Shared custody is often seen as too complex. However, if you take the time to look into it, you'll discover the many advantages, both for your children's development and for your wallet! Are you tempted by shared custody as a childcare method? Kidlee talks to you about it in order to enlighten you 

What is shared custody?

Shared custody : Alternating homes
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It's simple, the joint custody is a home-based childcare system where the nanny is responsible for looking after children from two different families who live in the same neighbourhood or building. Usually the children are in the same school and sometimes even in the same class.

The nanny alternates her shifts in the two homes or keeps the children in one of the homes. For example, she will keep the children in the home of family 1, and this for the week. And the other week she will go to the other family's home. This can also be done in one home during the whole period of childcare. It all depends on the agreement and the program elaborated by both families.

Shared custody differs from alternating custody. Indeed, alternating custody concerns the children of the same family with separated parents, on the other hand, shared custody gathers children of two different families or even three!

Advantages and disadvantages?

shared custody: what are the advantages?
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Shared custody is a more economical custody. Sharing the same nannyThe families share the cost of childcare.

Generally, the babysitter's salary is divided into two, co-employers, must reach an agreement regarding the nanny's remuneration. They can agree on the payment of the salary according to the number of children or the number of hours. The cost of childcare must of course be equal to or exceed the smic established by the collective agreement. But never less than the latter.

It is also important to agree in advance and choose the best alternative for the children. Whether it is in the choice of the babysitter, or the choice of the frequency of alternation of the houses.

However, you will have to take into consideration the schedules and the proximity of the alternating residences to make your choice and organize yourself well. Find the right balance so that everything runs smoothly.

How to prepare for shared custody 

How to get organized
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First of all, when choosing a family, it is very important to choose a family that you trust and that has the same vision as you. It is therefore desirable to get along with parents who share your values and educational principles. It is also essential that the two homes be in close proximity. And above all, that the children are in the same school or in very close schools. Why not neighbors with whom your children get along well and whose children are in the same school? 

Secondly, you will need to find a nanny that will live up to your expectations and the expectations of other parents. You will have to agree and choose a babysitter who meets everyone's criteria! You can support you with a agency that will propose you qualified babysitters. Not to mention the accompaniment for the imperative administrative steps for the good progress of the guard. 

Shared childcare: how to prepare
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Once the family and the nanny have been found, the briefing takes place, explaining the educational principles, the home alternation program... The houses must also be equipped to welcome the children: security, material, toys, fitted out space... 

Shared custody is practical, accessible and economical! Not to mention the many benefits it brings to the children. Everything is based on the agreement of the two families and the ORGANIZATION so that it is a simple custody. 

What does this mean for nannies? 

Nanny with a playing child
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Shared custody requires the same requests to a standard child care. In addition, the babysitter collects children from school and accompanies them in their awakening, learning and development. Offer fun activitiesEducational games, mini-games, homework help... are essential tasks!

The only difference is the periodic alternation of homes. It is the parents who will dictate the schedule. Since families who choose shared custody usually don't live very far from each other, it won't be restrictive, you'll just have to memorize the alternations!

Shared custody may not involve alternating homes. The families agree that the childcare will take place permanently in one house only. This is why the babysitter's brief is very important.

The benefits of shared custody for children 

This childcare system has some particularly beneficial advantages for children, especially in terms of socialization. Activities will be more relevant because more children will be involved, there will be more exchange, more openness and more attention! 

Flexible and friendly joint custody offers an introduction to sociability. Being in your own area, taking turns with a new friend, will allow each child to be relaxed and open to sharing, and even to a possible solid friendship. The nanny The environment will be stable and familiar for each child.

Shared custody with Kidlee

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