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12 Activities to keep kids busy on New Year's Eve

by | Dec 22, 2020 | News, Good plans, Special Edition, Games, Kids, Parents

New Year's Eve is here, just a few steps away from us! Accompanied by its atmosphere which is above all festive and warm. To end the year on a high note, give your children the opportunity to enjoy this evening too! And what better way to do it than with activities that are both fun and joyful? So, to do this, Kidlee shares with you more than 10 activities to keep the kids busy on New Year's Eve!

Resolutions and candy

Play two true resolutions and one false. The rules of this game are simple: Each player will give two true and one false resolution. The group must guess which one is false and which one is true. The first one to find the right answer wins a treat. Then we move on to the next one! This is by far one of the best activities to keep the kids busy on New Year's Eve!

Cutting out snowflakes 

No snow outside? No problem, your kids can have fun cutting out pretty snowflakes of different kinds. Even though there is no snow outside, the children's little magic fingers will make it snow inside. This will awaken their creativity and fine motor skills on the one hand. On the other hand, they will have fun cutting out different shapes of snowflakes. However, you will have to be careful when handling the scissors.

The chain, a fun activity to occupy the children on New Year's Eve:  

Short and fun, this activity is a chain of movements that you will develop together! Each guest must take turns to perform an additional gesture to the gesture of his neighbor. For example, the first one will scratch his nose, the second one will scratch his nose and clap his hands and so on! Until one player makes a mistake and breaks the chain. You can also make it more fun by adding dance steps to music! 

Board game for the little ones, Reindeer game : 

This simple board game has been designed for little ones from 5 years old. Moreover, this board game is specially designed for the end of the year celebrations! While having fun and keeping the Christmas atmosphere going, children work on their numbering skills (as they have to count the squares to move forward or backward). The rules of the board game require the child to recognize the drawing or word in order to continue playing. In addition, each participant will have a CARD which will help him to recognize the drawing and the name of the latter. The counters will be cute little reindeer to download just HERE and to cut out. To play you will need a 6-sided dice, the referential cards, the counters and finally the game board to print

The Post It Game

A classic but also a sure value, with as material, post it, and a pencil! A must-have activity to keep the kids busy on New Year's Eve! The children each write a word on a post it, mix them up, then each one will take a post it and stick it on his forehead. In turn, the person has to ask questions to guess what is written on his forehead, and the participants will have to answer by yes or no. After 30 seconds, we move to his neighbor, until everyone guesses what he has on his head! 

New Year's Eve activity to keep the kids busy  

How to guarantee a great atmosphere and laughter? Let's make sure we all have a good time together as a family! We propose a list of dares that you can write down and put in a bowl. Then take turns to draw lots for a hilarious New Year's Eve and good memories to keep! Find about twenty dares to do with the kids or all in family just HERE

Making a snowman, and not the least

Your children still haven't made their snowman? Such a complex wish but at the same time so simple to realize. Offer them the chance to make their own snowman, but not the least! Give your little ones the chance to create their own Olaf! By downloading the Olaf parts just here and let them shape it to their liking! 

Marathon ! Photo challenges in one evening 

Basically there is one challenge per day, but on New Year's Eve, the rules will change... You will have to complete as many photo challenges as possible before the year is over.

The kids have a blast taking the photo challenge in one night! 

This challenge consists of taking a picture following the instructions: for example, take a picture of something green, the children have to find something green and take a picture of themselves with it, on the one hand they will have a lot of fun taking this challenge but on the other hand it will create beautiful memories that will remind them of this beautiful evening. If there are several children, they will have more fun! Help each other and take the challenge together, keep beautiful pictures! What more could you ask for! Maybe they will discover a talent for photography? Here are the themes proposed by Wondermomas and for the little ones a photo challenge in the Christmas theme just here !

Dice and leprechauns great activity to keep the kids busy on New Year's Eve!

This little game has the gift of putting you in a good mood, it can be played by 2 or more! You will need two dice. The rules are simple: the youngest starts, he throws the two dice and the junction between the two resulting numbers give the lutinerie to do! For example I roll the dice and I have a 6 and a 1 so I have to imitate a monkey! The rules to follow are here

Fun and playful placemat! 

This New Year's Eve placemat is perfect for keeping kids busy between meals so they don't lose their patience. One set per child with a big bowl of markers and they can color, play mini games, but most of all have a great time at the table! Download the New Year's Eve placemat for Kids by clicking here

New Year's Eve hunting activity to keep the kids busy on New Year's Eve!

Among the best activities to occupy the children on New Year's Eve, one thing is sure, this New Year's Eve hunt proposed by Games and company will make many happy on the day! To realize this treasure hunt for children from 6 to 12 years old, only one thing to do, download the game, and on it, you will find the rules, the items to hide and the board of objects to find and give to each one. Find the items just here

End the year in color! 

A little coloring session before the countdown? Modelling head offers all kinds of drawings to color that will allow children to have fun with colors and let their creativity run free! Find the different drawings to download here