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10 Epiphany activities for kids

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Good plans, Do It Yourself, Special Edition, Games, Games and Development, Parents

On this day of celebration, Epiphany, a day of joy and festivity, share good times with your family and enjoy each of the Epiphany traditions together. In addition to enjoying a delicious galette des rois and telling the story of the kings and the Magi, Kidlee offers you 10 activities for children on Epiphany to enjoy this day with your family.

Activities for children on Epiphany: The great game of kings 

Epiphany activities for children
Source: Momes

Cake, bean, crown, everything is grouped in this game. The activity starts with the making of the game. Then, have fun finding the bean and collecting a maximum of points to award the king of the game! In addition to being an educational game, your children will enjoy making it. Find the tutorial in detail on Momes 

Fun activities for kids on Epiphany Draw the kings and queens of the day!

drawing of the king and queen
Source: Pinterest

For Epiphany, your home is transformed into a castle and your family becomes the royal family! Every real royal family must have a portrait of each member. So this is your chance to draw everyone as king and queen with their beautiful crowns! 

The one who finds the bean in the cake will even get to be colored!

The origami crowns 


First of all, the great thing about the origami crown is that you can adapt it to any head size! Here's a little video that shows the steps to make this great crown. Then, adapt the length according to the head of each one! That way you can all wear it proudly, even if you didn't get a bean!

Mini wreath made of paper roll 

Epiphany activities for children

These mini wreaths are not only adorable but also recycled! Treat yourself while protecting the planet. To make them, you will need toilet paper rolls, scissors and elastic thread:  

  • First, you will decorate your roll as you wish and according to your taste. Let your children dress up their wreath as they wish. For this, they can use paint, beads, decorative tape ....
  • Secondly, cut the top of the roll into a crown shape
  • Finally, drill two small holes at the bottom to insert and tie the elastic thread

Playdough cake

Epiphany activities for children

While you prepare a delicious galette des rois, your children will accompany you by preparing their own galette! And this, with modeling clay! What could be better than to be in the kitchen with their own rollers? Once the mechanism is set in motion, children can let their creativity run free. They can also follow the three basic steps as shown in the photo. If they want to work on the details, they can also have fun making several layers to give the impression of a puff pastry. They can even hide a bean inside. When eating your galette des rois, you can use the play dough galette to decorate the plates. Explain of course that this last one is just for decoration and that it is the big cake that you can eat (you never know eh!)

The castle game


This simple educational game is very interesting for young children. It aims to distinguish the sound 'ch' and also promotes oral expression and articulation. To do this, print out the plan (the castle) and the labels. On these are drawn the objects that contain or do not contain the sound 'ch'.

Finally, the rules of the game are simple: the map is placed in the middle of the table. In turn, each player picks a label and names the drawing. At this point, if the word contains the sound 'ch' the player will place the label on the castle. If the word does not contain the sound, the player must choose not to put the label on the castle.

The "galette des rois" game 


GraphiCK-Kids offers a very nice board game that allows you to play with the "galette des rois". This board game will allow you to spend a good time all together. You only have to download and print the board and the rules to begin with. In addition, the third item to download is just here. This last one, includes a dice and the pieces of cake to be cut and glued as well as the counters. The goal is to finish the game by collecting the most pieces of cake. 

Activities for kids on Epiphany: making a cardboard castle


Not only do you have beautiful wreaths, a cake like no other, even family portraits! Complete your decorations with a castle. Have fun building a beautiful castle out of cardboard and a roll of paper. The video tutorial above shows you the steps to follow to have a strong castle. You can of course decorate it as you wish.

Magic coloring with an Epiphany theme! 


By following the instructions of the magic coloring page, children will be able to discover a wonderful drawing colored by them. You can also find many other magic coloring pages on Coloring-For-Child 

Magic coloring is a very interesting activity to develop the child's attention and concentration. Coloring magic drawings is also an activity that allows the child's imagination to run free.

Making the bean for the cake 

make your own beans

Give children the opportunity to make a beautiful little bean with Fimo clay. Fimo clay is an edible polymer clay used to make candy or cake decorations. It is therefore ideal for making beans. To begin, knead it to make it more flexible and easier to handle. Then, the dough can be cut, carved with a toothpick and shaped to your liking! Have fun shaping it into a heart, a crown, a cloud... And then it will be an opportunity for your children to surprise you! Once your bean is ready, put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 110°C