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Activity for children 2 years and older: Funny faces workshop

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Babysitting, Games and Development, Kids

A smile, eyes raised to the sky, a grimace... Discovering the face is a real experience for the child! Becoming aware of the eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth, what if you made it an activity? Kidlee offers you an activity for children aged 2 and up: a funny faces workshop!

Child's development at age 2:

At the age of 2, the child develops his vocabulary considerably, he learns new words and expressions. This age is known for the famous "no" that the child uses constantly, especially during meals. Indeed, he begins to perceive himself as a whole person, he shows his desire for autonomy and also asks many questions about the world around him! Moreover, read stories to your little 24-month-old treasures will help them complete their vocabulary learning and stimulate their minds.

However, the 2 year old still has difficulty expressing his emotions, which can frustrate him. This is why activities to discover and manage emotions will be very beneficial, especially for his possible new encounters with new children.

He also practices in design by holding the pencil in his little hands. At this age, children love manual activities such as playing with play dough or salt dough for example. This allows them to develop their fine motor skills more!

Benefits of this activity:

Making funny faces is one of the easiest activities to do! This will spark the imagination of the children and cause a lot of laughter! 

This activity works on many fine motor skills by assembling faces, gluing, cutting and drawing... The child will need the skill gained to write later.

It also helps to know the parts of the face and the corresponding vocabulary. But most of all, it allows him to become aware of his own face! Do not hesitate to add a mirror in front of him during this type of activity, so that he can look at himself.

Naming traits and emotions will reduce his frustration, because he will become aware of the different emotions and will gradually be able to express his own and understand those of others!

Finally, at this age, children love to make faces, so why not take advantage of it with a hilarious and fun activity!

Children's activity 2 years old : funny faces workshop

Workshop 1: Crazy Faces by Pickle Bumbs: 

Ready to make some crazy face collages? First of all, prepare a clear work space, simply by placing a large white sheet of paper on the work surface and then add the following material on it: select some cut-out facial features. Especially by collecting images from magazines. You can also print out the facial features suggested by PickleBums!

Then, add a bunch of different parts to add pep and allow the child to use his imagination: toothpicks, wooden rings and half-rings, string, wool, sticks, rubber bands... These small tools will be used to add ears, hair, face shape...

Workshop 2 Art Face de dada enfant terrible : 

In this second workshop, we propose to add faces to the funny silhouettes!

DadaChildrenTerrible offers three images to print for this game, you can also draw others if you wish!

The children will have to glue them on the drawings! You'll see that it will make funny characters that will amuse the gallery! 

Workshop 3 Flip Book Savvysassymom

Collect a small flip book of faces with a variety of facial features and then see what kind of stories the kids could tell you about the faces they created. Since kids love to make faces, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Ask your kids to make different faces: happy, sad, pouty, scared, surprised...

Then check out how the faces in the booklet express those emotions!

Let's get back to the design of your face book!

You will need:

  • Cardboard,
  • Scissors,
  • A glue stick,
  • A one-hole punch,
  • Markers,
  • 3 ring binders or 6 ring binders (recommended),
  • A piece of cardboard (for the back)
  • Parts of the face (eyes, nose, mouth).

For the facial areas, you have all kinds of options:

  1. Cut them out of magazines (older children can do this themselves);
  2. Use stickers, wide eyes or foam face pieces from your local craft store;
  3. Print stock photos of faces from the Internet;
  4. Draw your own;
  5. Use your own photos, those of your children and family members;
  6.  Print free of charge the features proposed by Savvysassymom here