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Activities for kids during rainy weekends: 3 ideas that work for sure!

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Games, Games and Development, Lifestyle

It's the weekend and, unfortunately, the weather is not very nice.... so no outings in perspective on this rainy day. Nice for the parents who need some rest. But for the children, it is another story to stay 48 hours at home without making, at least, a disaster. At some point, your little ones will get tired of their toys. That's why it's essential to think of ideas for fun and stimulating activities adapted to children in order to make their weekend at home a great time of fun. The games Board games and crafts can be a good alternative on rainy days. But, there are much more exciting activities for children on rainy weekends! 

Kidlee shares with you three great activities your kids are sure to love! If you are not home, your babysitter can easily take over and do these activities for kids at home. These activities require very little money, you can do them with what you have on hand!

Treasure hunting at home on rainy weekends is one of the children's favorite activities

activities for children during rainy weekends for children who are about to embark on a treasure hunt
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What better way to keep kids busy in a fun, motivating and playful way at home? Clues hidden everywhere to stimulate their talents as guessers and investigators. Challenges to take up to enhance their champion's soul. And finally, the treasure, a nice surprise that they will proudly hold up!

No need to panic! It is not very complicated toorganize a treasure hunt at home. It all depends on how long you want it to last. The important thing to know is that the longer the hunt, the more elements will have to be added to make it last. Be careful not to bore or tire the children with a hundred obstacles to overcome! Enough of blabla, let's get to the heart of the matter!

First, we start by choosing the prize to be won. You will then have to imagine a theme in which to immerse the children during this day full of twists and turns. A story, with a thread for an exciting adventure. You can, for example, be inspired by cartoons, movies or your children's favorite tales. All you need is a computer and a printer to create clues, rebuses, charades and more. Then, you'll just have to use your imagination to hide them all around the house.

If you are short of time, there are very elaborate concepts at low prices. Some are even downloadable from the internet. And others are in the form of kits that can be delivered to your home. Your kids will be so engrossed in this hunt, which is one of the best activities, that they'll forget it's a rainy weekend.

An escape game for more suspense and mystery!

rainy weekend activities for kids: two kids solving an ecape game puzzle
Source: escape kit

The escape game is an intelligent game that promotes teamwork and reflection. It also stimulates several skills and cognitive abilities in young people. This concept, very trendy, is both stimulating and ultra simple to make. It will allow you to spend a great time with your family. A room, a general enigma and an hour or more to solve it.

The escape game is indeed a trendy activity for a few years. Inspired by Japanese escape room video games, players must solve enigmas with the help of their entourage to go through different stages and reach the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal differs from one theme to another. It can be an escape, find a hidden treasure, the culprit of a crime... In short, a panel of scenarios is possible to occupy the children at home for two good hours or more! 

To do this, you just have to choose a room in the house, or more, and set up your escape game step by step. As for the treasure hunt, you will need a story and a well-crafted scenario where you can integrate enigmas and objects of all kinds to hide. Imagining a set and disguises will also be a great plus for a total immersion.

To complete this cooperative game, children will have to use their logic, reading, calculation and, of course, thinking skills. You can also opt for low-cost escape game kits, which you can receive or download at : escape-kit or at happykits. During this great activity, your little wolves will have a lot of fun being the apprentice investigators or adventurers!

Theater is one of the most popular creative activities for children!

children wearing animal masks
Source: One day a game

Just like yoga for kids, laughter is relaxing! So it's time to focus on activities to keep kids busy and laughing at the same time. This is not news to anyone. Kids and role-playing is a never-ending love affair. Role-playing is also one of the best activities for kids to date! So, putting on a play where they can let their imagination and acting run wild is one of the best activities to undertake with them. Indeed, role-playing contributes greatly to the development of verbal expression, imagination and creativity in children. It also strengthens their cognitive skills and self-esteem. What's more, this activity is a no-brainer! In fact, you can approach it in many different ways at the same time.

A puppet theater, where children can use their stuffed animals as characters while giving life to a beautiful story in which they are the heroes. For more fun, you can create a personalized theater from a large cardboard box or with two or three chairs and a sheet. The latter will serve as a frame or set for your little ones' artistic prowess!

So that the children are themselves actors of their masterpiece, why not realize, with their help masks that they can wear to embody their characters to perfection! The custom makeup option is also a big hit when it comes to drama and role-playing.