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Playful school outing: top 4 games to play on the way home!

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Babysitting tips, Do It Yourself, Games

It will soon be time to take your little one home from school. So instead of spending the drive in a monotonous way every time, Kidlee has a top 4 list of games to play on the way home for a fun and playful school trip.

A playful and artistic school trip - Once upon a time 

What if you took advantage of this moment with two or more people to create a different story each time? The principle is super simple. Everyone takes turns adding a sentence to the story. The one who lacks inspiration and can't add a sentence to the story will be eliminated. The wackier the story, the more the kids will love it! 

A book in your hand? No, rather on the head!

For this activity, you will need to open the child's school bag and take out a book! Yes, just that. The goal is to finish the course quickly with a book on your head. But you tell us which course? Well, the one on the way home from school. Except that for this activity, you can add obstacles to go around, such as going around the bench. Finally, we're sure you'll have enough imagination to increase the difficulty of the course each time. Hey in all this, don't forget that you must not drop the book.

Playful school outing: noise alert! 

The game starts by choosing the triggering sound. It can be for example the horn of a car or the sound of the streetcar. After that, depending on your route, you should choose a sound that you are likely to hear one or more times on the way. Now that you've chosen the sound, get into single file and keep walking. Oh, sound alert! As soon as you hear the sound you've chosen, the first person in line must move to the back. So there you have it, a simple game to have a good time and develop your hearing. Keep playing the game until everyone has a turn to lead the line. 

The mime game

We think that with this activity, you have a good chance of becoming a super babysitter, or super parents. The game consists in choosing an object or an animal that each one must mimic in turn until reaching the next point. For example, imitate the dog on all fours, the bird flapping its wings or the tree with a yoga posture. For even more fun, you can even combine the sounds. For example, the roar of a lion or the meowing of a cat.

Let your creativity and the child's express itself without any limits. With this activity, you kill two birds with one stone as you develop the child's imagination and skills.

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Playful school outing: Babysitting Kidlee

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