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Our 5 tips for dealing with jealousy between siblings

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Parents

You are the happy parents of a beautiful little boy and he fills you with happiness every day, what more could you ask for, right? Well, maybe some extra hours of sleep, but still, the magic is there! So, are you thinking about having a second one or have you already taken the plunge? Because as they say, two is better. Maybe you are even on your third child. And your family cocoon is a source of immeasurable joy. The parents will be delighted, but what about the brothers and sisters? The larger the family becomes, the more likely it is that the child will feel jealous. In fact, jealousy between brothers and sisters is quite normal. It is part of the child's developmental cycle.

It is useful to remember that jealousy is the first feeling that a child feels when he discovers that he is not the only object of love for his mother.

Kidlee looks at sibling jealousy in general, from older siblings who are jealous of younger ones to younger siblings who are jealous of older ones. Here are 5 tips carefully prepared by our team to help you in your mission as super parents. And to successfully manage jealousy in siblings.

Do not compare children

Comparison, whether favorable or unfavorable, may accentuate sibling rivalry. It can even lead to conflicts between brothers. Each child wants to be the best. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid putting labels because they are a source of jealousy and rivalry.

Sibling jealousy: putting emotions into words

It's a good idea to have a one-on-one discussion to help your child express his or her emotions so that he or she can calm down and learn to deal with the jealousy. Tell them that everyone is unique, which is why they can't have gifts on their little sister's or brother's birthday.

Dealing with sibling rivalries

Do your children often fight because the jealous child wants to take his or her sibling's toy? At first, try to let the children work it out on their own like adults. If you think the situation might become dangerous or that one of them might hurt himself by pulling hard on the toy, for example, ask the question: "Is this a real fight or are you just playing? Remember that you should intervene as a mediator, not as a judge.

The utopia of "all together

Parents often think of putting their children on a pedestal to stop jealousy, but this does not solve the problem. It is important to realize that it is difficult for the child to understand the needs of others and to share theattention of his parents. It is suggested that each person be given their own place and time according to their age.

Sibling Jealousy: No to Punishment 

Don't scold your child for his jealousy, it will only make the situation worse. As we said at the very beginning, it is a child's right to be jealous of his or her siblings. It's best to help your child understand his jealousy and explain why he shouldn't feel threatened. Reassure him, help him find his place so that he can regain his self-confidence.