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My babysitter has dropped me! What can I do?

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Babysitting

A babysitter who stands you up halfway through is a real hardship to go through. Especially when the school year is in full swing. It is therefore essential that you do not make a mistake when choosing your babysitter. And that, while being sure that the latter corresponds to your needs. And that he/she can also accompany you throughout the school year without failing in his/her mission!

Kidlee provides you with essential tips that will certainly help you make a careful selection and finally find the rare pearl you've been looking for!

We start by clarifying our parental needs and expectations:

Before posting a baby sitting ad, soliciting your friends and family or calling an agency, it is essential to list and clarify your needs: location, hours, tasks to be accomplished and profile sought (student who regularly looks after children, childcare specialist...). This will allow you to establish a first filter of potential candidates. When the baby sitters contact you, remember to check their availability for childcare on the days and times you have set. Their commitment over the school year, their specific skills and their geographical proximity.

Don't hesitate to ask them for guarantees. In other words, the contact information of their former employers as a reference. And this, even before meeting them. It is indeed important to contact the families in question. Having their opinion will allow you to eliminate applications from people who are not very punctual and lack experience. Once an appointment has been made, ask the candidates for a photocopy of their identity card and their social security card.

We set precise criteria from the first meeting with the babysitter

The first meeting is an opportunity to get a more detailed idea of the person. How she presents herself, how she expresses herself and her first contact with the children.

During the interview, it is first necessary to test the candidates' language skills. Evaluate their language level, their ability to understand and make themselves understood in writing and orally. This will ensure that the babysitter is able to call for help, the doctor and to warn you in case of emergency. Also, pushing them to show their mastery of the French language will help you to accompany the child for homework. Depending on the age of the child, this criterion is essential for the child's good school follow-up.

Observe carefully the babysitter's attitude toward the child. Does he or she quickly ask about the child's first name? What is the child's personality? What are his or her interests? Does the candidate take the trouble to involve the child in the conversation and try to arouse his sympathy.

When making your selection, make sure the candidate is a good match for the child's needs. It is imperative that you choose the person according to his or her age and personality. Does your child need to let off steam? Choose a sports profile that will organize Olympic games for him! Does he prefer to sing and make up stories? You'll probably find an apprentice comedian or an artist brimming with imagination who will be delighted to help them put on a show in the living room!

We look at the involvement and professionalism of the babysitter

The candidate's commitment and motivation to undertake this mission should be put to the test at the first meeting. To get an idea of the person's commitment, a few criteria will guide your judgment. First of all, you must ensure that the candidate knows the emergency numbers and the steps to take in case of a domestic or external accident. You should also make sure that this person can be reached and that he or she has a working telephone. It would also be wise to ask for a contact number in case the babysitter is unreachable. Evaluate the person's skills by asking about their organization, the recreational and educational activities they plan to offer the children, as well as their ability to bounce back and react to various contexts and setbacks.

We pass on the guidelines before moving on to the Test stage!

The first interview is also an opportunity to communicate your guidelines. And to make sure that the babysitter is prepared and committed to following your instructions regularly and seriously. Focus on schedules. The use of screens. The conduct of homework. The bathing supervision. Meals and the possibility of opening the home to other caregivers, family members or others. Before making your final decision, organize a test shift for the last candidates in the running.

Choose a night when you will have to pick up your child from school, take care of him/her all evening and supervise his/her homework. After the test, debrief with your child to assess what worked and what didn't. Your child's point of view is invaluable in perceiving small details that only he or she is sensitive to. Moreover, by participating in the choice of his own childcare, he also marks his commitment to a new relationship that he will have chosen.

You now have all the keys to find your ideal babysitter and ensure the well-being of your child during your absence.