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Kidlee's actions for the environment!

by | May 31, 2021 | News, Lifestyle

Environmental protection and ecological awareness start small. And we are aware of this at Kidlee. That is why every day is an opportunity for us to minimize the harmful impacts of human activities on our planet. 

How is the Kidlee team committed to protecting the environment?  

First of all, at our level, by simple, regular and beneficial actions for the environment: 

We telework as soon as possible: 

One day of telecommuting would reduce daily travel by more than 60%. ADEME estimates that reducing commuting produces an environmental benefit of 271 kg of annual carbon equivalent per day of weekly telecommuting. 

At Kidlee, we have been promoting telecommuting for two years now.

Especially for a whole part of our team that is in full telecommuting since 2018: our great development staff, that we salute in passing!  

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, telecommuting has become a routine for the entire team. A routine that we hope helps reduce carbon impact and helps preserve our environment. 

For the protection of the environment, we do not print! 

I might as well tell you that, at Kidlee, the printer has been gathering dust since its arrival in our offices. We're even thinking of replacing it with a plant, at least, it would be nicer and better for our planet! 

You will have understood, we banish any format of files requiring a printing. We prefer the digital format for everything that concerns the administrative, note taking, sending documents, invoices ... etc..

Energy, we consume it with moderation

Whether it's in our homes or offices, lights on during the day and computer chargers plugged into outlets all the time, we don't like it at Kidlee! 

Our chargers and phone batteries are always in energy saving mode. Just to minimize the repeated recharging phases. We don't turn on the lights during the day; we have large windows that let in the beautiful natural light and it's so much more soothing. 

Beyond these obvious facts, each member applies himself daily to use energy in a responsible way. 

For example, in winter we dress warmly and in summer it is, on the contrary, very light. This way, we don't need to use the heating or the air-conditioning too much when we are in the office.

You can plant trees in a few clicks with Ecosia :

a child getting ready to plant a tree
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Kidlee contributes to the fight against deforestation at its level. And this, by promoting the use of a green and innovative search engine that does a lot of good for the planet: Ecosia. 

In 2009, Christian Kroll, a German entrepreneur, founded the search engine Ecosia. To fight against deforestation and the degradation of biodiversity. Ecosia uses the revenues generated by online searches to plant trees in the driest regions of the planet. The search engine is now planting trees in Burkina Faso, Peru, Tanzania, Madagascar and twelve other countries. 

Ecosia is a search engine that produces its own solar electricity. And since it uses its own profits to plant trees that absorb CO2, Ecosia is not only "zero CO2 emission" but it also reduces the amount of CO2 in the air. 

It is renewable energy that powers the Ecosia research at 100%. And they allow the planting of trees that contribute to the fight against global warming. 

By doing our research with Ecosia, we contribute to the reforestation of our planet. And, we also help the communities near the Ecosia plantation sites to have a better future.

We advocate childcare that is fun AND environmentally friendly:

In addition to training our babysitters in the best practices of childcare for a fun babysitting that promotes the awakening and development of the youngest, we also share with our speakers tips and eco-friendly content. We also share with our staff tips and advice on how to protect the environment and help them develop an eco-responsible childcare concept. 

Through our blog, our newsletters or our instagram accounts, we transmit to our community of babysitters and students, the tips and gestures of an eco-friendly daily life. This can concern their life as students (tips to spend less and save money, avoid waste, good second hand plans...). But also their babysitting (pedagogy, ideas for activities, green actions in the family home...). 

Nature workshops, introduction to recycling, democratization of cycling and walking, energy saving tips, recycling activities and discoveries of all kinds... Our teams are constantly investigating to find the best solutions, methods and contents for an eco-responsible childcare. So that our babysitters can accompany their protégés while contributing to the preservation of the environment on a daily basis. 

Towards an eco-responsible community for the protection of the environment!

environmental protection: a person holding a mini globe in his hands
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Babysitters, students, parents and kids...our teams are working to ensure that our eco-friendly spirit is embraced by the entire Kidlee community. 

Associative, sponsorship, green parenting, initiation to ecology and sustainable development... We act on several axes so that each member of our community is aware of the protection of our planet. And can, in turn, contribute to its preservation through simple gestures. 

Stay tuned for the rest 😉