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International Women's Rights Day: 3 DIYs to support this cause with your kids!

by | Mar 7, 2020 | News, Do It Yourself, Lifestyle, Pedagogy Parents | 2 comments

The International Women's Rights Day is coming soon! It is very important to make the youngest aware of this cause that concerns us all. The fight for equality and the respect of women's rights all over the world is a daily struggle that we must transmit to the youngest. 

To initiate them, what could be better than the realization of small presents to offer to the women around them to support this beautiful cause? 

Whether it is for moms, grannies, teachers, sisters or friends, the team Kidlee has obviously done its blogging investigation to offer you 3 DIY ideas to make with your children to celebrate the International Women's Rights Day!  

A flower card for mom!

flower card
Hop Toys

Moms love flowers and kids love giving them even more. Why not make this beautiful flower for a great occasion? To do this, you will first need to download the pretty template and print it out. Then you will need scissors, glue and you are done! Download the tutorial and template at : Hop Toys

A special apple for the International Women's Rights Day!

Red jar

It is an old tradition to give apples to our teachers. For more modernity, let's revisit this beautiful practice! Just get your little wolves a jar to recycle and let them decorate it with all their love for their teacher. Tuto at : tillysnest

Beaded key rings for our beads!


It's time to recycle your jewelry, and why not do it with the kids! These easy to make little key chains will certainly be a hit with their sisters and friends! To make them, you'll first need beads, thread, a hook and a good dose of creativity! The must, would also be to get them beads in letters for key rings with names. Tuto at : jeannesamuse