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Student job: our tips to get a babysitting job!

by | Aug 23, 2020 | Babysitting, Good plans, Babysitting tips

When you're a student, finding a job that allows you to both make money and manage your student schedule can be a real obstacle course! But if you're reading this, you've already come a long way and are starting to see the end of the road for your student job, hopefully.

You have succeeded in applying for a babysitting job: the family has already liked your profile and now wants to meet you! You can already be proud of yourself, you got a student job! It will surely be very useful to finance your studies 

Pfouuuu, breathe in, breathe out! We're going to help you with a little coaching full of tips so that you can land the student job that suits you best.

Student job & babysitting: prepare carefully your meeting with the parents

Student job: a young woman using a digital tablet

Now you know the address and the date of the meeting. Now, find the locations in advance by studying your itinerary on a map.

Then read the job offer in detail: the children's first names, their ages and the information you have: do they have music on Monday? Do they have drama at school? Will they need you on weekends?

Also prepare a little presentation about yourself, the parents will want to know you. You don't know it, but in fact they are as stressed as you are, they are looking for THE ideal babysitter. Prepare your speech: your studies, your passions and what you want to share with the children (skills, activities ...).

Also prepare the questions you are going to ask them, we'll talk about it right after.

Student job: on D-day, be yourself!

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Above all, take care of your presentation while remaining yourself. The first impression is certainly made by the physical presentation but this is not a reason to overdo it.

You need to portray an image that is true to your personality. Wear what you would wear during your babysitting sessions. Next, it is important to answer the parents' questions as honestly as possible so that there are no unpleasant surprises. It is essential that you feel comfortable with the parents afterwards! 

If it doesn't work out with them, it will be with another family where you will feel really comfortable! By the way, Kidlee will certainly be able to help you find the right family if this mission does not suit you. To do so, you just have to create an account on our website!

Ask questions about your future student job!

job d'étudiant: interview between people talking over coffee

First, start by validating with the parents the days and hours of care and the address of the school. How do we get from school to home? Do we have to take the bus? Or the subway?

Also, don't hesitate to take notes. Take the time to understand their expectations and how they work. Be benevolent.

Find out the children's schedule: do they have any extracurricular activities? Do they need to be picked up? At what time? Where do they go?

When you get home, you need to know what you'll be doing: Should you give the children a snack? Are the children self-sufficient for meals? Do you have to bathe them? Is there any homework to do? Do you have anything to make for dinner? Have they ever been babysat by a student? Where are things stored?

Visit the house and get a feel for the child's routine!

student job: a little girl reading a book

In order to get your bearings and prove your involvement, ask the parents to show you the house or apartment. Follow the child's route home from school together. For example, when you arrive, you put the shoes here, the coat there, etc...

Then, we go to the bathroom to wash our hands. Then, we go to the kitchen to take the snack. The snacks are in such place etc... Finally, last room: the room of the children with small ritual of the bedtime.

Visiting the home, getting to know the child's habits and world, will show the parents that you are already interested in the child's daily routine and that you plan to adapt to it.

Meet the kids for that first feeling that will help you get your student job

a little boy making discoveries with his sensory tray

In the end, they are the real test! It's undeniable, they must like you to move on to the next step. You will spend most of your time with them, so a first feeling must be created in order to create a solid bond and a good understanding afterwards.

You can also ask them to show you their favorite stuffed animals, what they like to do after school, what they like to play, their favorite subject or the names of their friends. With kids, it's a no-brainer!

By naturally reaching out to their children and getting to know each other, parents will realize that their little ones are the focus of your interest and that you are the perfect match for them! 

Student job: the thing that makes the difference!

student job: a young woman using her smartphone

Finally, before leaving, thank your parents (and children) for having received you. Ok, that's obvious, but the trick is to send them a little message the next day or a few days later to thank them again and tell them that you are still available, motivated and that you are looking forward to seeing them again. This will say more about your determination and your interest in this mission.

You're finally ready to interview like a boss! Don't hesitate to tell us, in comments, how it went!

Good luck!