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Games for kids: top 9 games to try without equipment or almost!

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Babysitting, Parents

Sometimes the job of keeping kids busy with games can be a real headache. Between the time it takes to prepare and the materials you need to find, it's safe to say you're not out of the woods. Between the time it takes to prepare and the materials to find, you're not out of the woods yet. So while time-consuming activities are sometimes necessary for kids, today it's more like a game. Today, it's going to be more like a top of the line of simple games for kids with almost no materials!

The word game: among the best educational games!

In fact, it is not only a game, it is also a way to revise the lexical field. In fact, each child must take turns to say as many words as possible related to a specific theme. For example: school, animals, vacations...etc.

The Yummy Yuck Game 

Start with Select small amounts of things to enjoy. You can put cookies, cheese slices, flour or cocoa. The child will have to close his eyes and guess what you have just made him taste. In addition, this game can really make the whole family happy! However, be careful not to offer disgusting or pungent foods to children.  

Elephant memory 

The concept is quite simple, the first one says a word, the next one repeats it and adds another one. Then, the third one repeats everything from the beginning and adds another word, and so on. A story that will have neither head nor tail, but which will be an excellent exercise of memory with in more some crazy laughs.

The missing object game

You designate the playing area and place a number of objects on it. The children will have a set amount of time to observe them. Afterwards, they will have to turn around so that you can remove an object. All you have to do is ask the children to find the missing object.

A classic children's game: Blind man's buff

Doesn't this game ring a bell? However, no matter how old we are, we must have all played it at least once in our lives! A true classic that never goes out of fashion. With a blindfold on, one of the children has to recognize the person in front of him/her by touching only his/her face. To find the rules of this game, it's here.

Games for children with salt dough

games for children with salt dough

Maria Montessori said "it is by the hand that the spirit is formed". According to Montessori pedagogyIn the Montessori method, the intellectual development of the child is linked to his or her senses. The advantage of the Montessori method is that you can practice any type of activity for children without the need to buy specific materials and this is the case of salt dough. If we have convinced you, go here.

Games for children, the Alphabet

Here is a game that combines fun and knowledge! Start by choosing a theme, for example, fruits. In turn, each child will have to recite the alphabet in order by giving a corresponding name (A for apricot, B for banana...etc). After that, the themes are endless so you might as well let the children choose.

The king of silence!

The children sit on the floor in a circle or around a table. The leader of the game must stand in the middle of the circle or away from the table, with his or her eyes closed. Then, each child takes turns speaking, disguising their voice. The smart kid must guess who spoke. Once the turn is over, we move on to another player. This game is sure to be a hit with the kids!

The little tub

For this game, all you need is a pen and a blank sheet of paper! On this paper, the children will have to draw a table with as many columns as the chosen categories. For example country, city, animal, fruit, vegetable, personality, name, game, clothing...

The festivities begin by drawing a letter. Each player or team fills in their board by writing in the corresponding column an item beginning with the letter drawn. At the end, you have to count the points: 0 point if the box is empty. If 2 players have the same answer then they both get 1 point. And you get 2 points for each correct element that has not been mentioned by any other player. So, we count on your originality! And for even more difficulty, you can start a stopwatch.

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