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Educational software games: top 7 games for kids in first grade!

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Babysitting, Games and Development, Parents

Are you short of inspiration to keep your child busy? You even think about turning on the TV! What if we told you that there was a way to reinforce his knowledge and learn new things. All of this with a screen and therefore in complete autonomy. Maybe you've already played this type of game too. Adibou, does it ring a bell in your memory or not? In any case, since the 90s, the number of educational software has exploded. That's why today, Kidlee has prepared a top of educational software games for children.


It is the offer of all the actors of the public audiovisual (Arte, France Médias Monde, Radio France, TV5Monde...) at the service of all. It is the offer of all the actors of the public audiovisual (Arte, France Médias Monde, Radio France, TV5Monde...) at the service of all. A new, free, expert and advertising-free offer gives access to culture, knowledge and learning for all children from kindergarten to high school. An intuitive platform, in which all programs are indexed by level, subject and theme.

Educational software games : Max&tom

Here is a software especially dedicated to primary school children, from kindergarten to second grade: educational games to learn to read, games for a fun learning of math and languages and creative leisure.

Educational software games : Tidou

Educational exercises of excellent quality, both from a visual and pedagogical point of view. Finally, a lot of contents classified by levels, and there are even recreational games and vacation notebooks to print!


This software proposes for the smallest activities of awakening, or of discovery of the computer and the tablet. Then, they can learn to read with reading games, to write, to count, or try more playful but still educational activities.

This software was created 20 years ago, but it is still one of the best educational software available on the Internet. As a bonus, it is available in 50 different languages. Oh yes, the icing on the cake, this software is totally free and is maintained by dozens of volunteers.

Khan academy kids

A software for elementary and even high school students. The interface has been designed so that learners, teachers and parents can all get something out of this tool. It offers a variety of content on subjects such as science, math, history, geography and much more.

Educational software games : iEducat!f

iEducatif has everything, but it's easy to find because everything is well sorted. It offers games and exercises for children from kindergarten to fifth grade.

A program that covers all school subjects through games. Moreover, this software is totally free and does not require the creation of an account. Also, if you wish, you can create an account to follow your child's progress.

Lulu the mole

Here is an online educational software that offers many games and activities for children aged 2 and up. As a bonus, you have many vacation notebooks and board games that you can print.

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