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New Year's Eve games and activities: 6 ideas to share with your family

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Do It Yourself, Games, Parents

If you too watched this Friday's announcement, you're glad to know that there will be no New Year's Eve curfew. Oh but for a moment, no fireworks, no disco. So it will be an evening at home. And to make sure it goes off without a hitch, Kidlee has prepared games and activities for you and your family.

Games and activities : the photobooth

We continue in the photography section but this time with a more manual side. You will need to provide the children with fun accessories that they can use to dress up and take pictures. You can find them in stores or make them yourself in advance. For this, you will need straws, cardboard and glitter. Afterwards, you can also add feathers, fabrics... Etc. We trust your imagination!

Good resolutions as a family

We told you about it earlier. New Year almost always rhymes with new resolutions. And so this year instead of asking "And you, what are your good resolutions? We propose to make the concept more fun and playful! The guests will have to write down their resolutions on a piece of paper. Then, the host will mark them on a board. The goal in all this? Guess whose resolution it is.

Preparing the New Year's table all together

Just like Christmas dinner, New Year's dinner is just as important. And we do not hesitate to put the small dishes in the big. In fact, why not get the kids involved in preparing the table? For that, we suggest you initiate them to the art of napkin folding. And a big thank you to Kidswhich offers us here 25 folding ideas. Wow effect guaranteed with towels transformed into little masterpieces.

Games and activities: the blind test

This is a game that needs no introduction! And if you want to ensure a crazy atmosphere with the children, the blind test will put everyone in agreement. The principle is quite simple, guess the title of the song that is playing. To do this, a playlist adapted to your family's tastes is recommended. And don't forget to appoint a DJ to supervise the game. 

Tic Tac - New Year's countdown

As the new year approaches, we can't take our eyes off the clock. So, we suggest you to opt for an original solution: a balloon clock. You will need 12 balloons that you will have to inflate beforehand. Then, write a number that corresponds to an hour on each balloon. Finally, make two paper hands. Place the hands in the center of your improvised clock and place the balloons around them.

Marathon ! Photo challenges in one evening 

Basically, there is one challenge per day, but on New Year's Eve, the rules will change... You will have to complete as many photo challenges as possible before the year ends.

The kids have a blast taking the photo challenge in one evening! 

This challenge consists of taking a picture following the instructions: for example; take a picture of something green, the children must find something green and take a picture of themselves with it, on the one hand, they will have fun taking this challenge but on the other hand, it will create beautiful memories that will recall this beautiful evening. If there are several children, they will have more fun! Help each other and take the challenge together, keep beautiful pictures! What more could you ask for! Maybe they will discover a talent for photography? Here are the themes proposed by Wondermomas and for the little ones a photo challenge in the Christmas theme just here !

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