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Water games: 6 great ideas to cool off the kids

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Do It Yourself, Games

Summer means sunshine and with it comes the thought of summer activities. Between outdoor games and activities to keep the kids busy at home, there is no doubt that outdoor activities are the best. Besides, when you say summer and outdoor, you say sunstroke. That's why it's important to refresh your children with water from time to time. Yes, of course, by refreshing we mean that you have to offer them to drink water quite frequently but not only! Kidlee comes today with a top of the water games for a 100% fun and refreshing moment.

The water pinata

With this super fun activity, the fresh effect is guaranteed. So, you'll need balloons, ropes to hang them on a support and water at different temperatures for a guaranteed surprise effect.

Start by hanging the water-filled balloons and letting the child pop them. For even more action, you can blindfold the child if they are old enough.

Water games : the wind-slide

No, but hello, you don't know the ventriglide? Come on, we'll give you a hint! It's the mixture of two little words: belly + slide. So, yes for the latter, young and old are welcome. Just don't forget the plastic sheet, water, soap and your swimsuits. First, you'll need to soap the tarp to ensure a great slide. Once that's done, the festivities can begin. Whoever goes the furthest wins, 1, 2, 3, GO!

A water game for the little ones

Let's face it, children love to manipulate, pour, fill, and that even if it means putting it everywhere.

For this activity, you will need two containers, one filled with water and the other empty. The child will have fun transferring from one container to another. They will be able to transfer water from one container to the other with a sponge at first and then with a pipette.

Water games: apples in the water

Here's an activity idea for kids that dates back to the Middle Ages! For this one, you'll need a bowl, apples and water. First, fill the bowl with water and put the apples in. The goal is to catch an apple using only your mouth. To prevent cheating, ask the children to keep their hands behind their backs.

Water games : the water blob

Does the waterblob ring a bell? This concept comes straight from the USA and is the beaba for children. It is simply a water mattress on which the child can bask or slide. Here is the Pausecafein tutorial to create one. First, get a plastic canvas.

Second, iron the plastic shut, leaving a hole large enough to pass a hose through. Then, fill the canvas with water and a hose. Finally, seal the hole with heavy-duty tape.

Also, if you are not very handy, you may want to consider buying one.

The water game at 100%

For the latter, you will need watering cans or spray bottles. First, fill them with water. Then the festivities can begin. Each participant should try to water the other participants as much as possible.

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