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Did you know that? Kidleeis much more than a simple babysitting website or a simple childcare agency! It is indeed a whole team specialized in early childhood. And above all, in smart-babysitting ! 

We see you from here: but what is this smart-babysitting? Don't worry! We will satisfy your curiosity through this article! 

Smart-babysitting by Kidlee: it's a whole concept! 

two little girls enjoying themselves by leafing through books

At Kidlee, the word "smart" is a motto! Our smart-babysitting concept encompasses much more than just childcare.

Our team is dedicated to thinking, creating, acting, training and managing smart. And that's to offer you the most convenient and efficient childcare services.

Specialized in childcare for children over 3 years old in Paris and Ile de France, Kidlee has been working for 2 years now to offer a flexible and non-binding service to facilitate the life of parents but also the daily life of baby sitters.

As time goes by, we never stop optimizing our tools, ideas and services in order to evolve and make the concept of childcare evolve.

It starts with our babysitting site: 

Whether you are a parent or a babysitter, you will notice on our childcare platform, that from the registration to the signature of the work contract, everything is thought to make your life easier. 

A babysitting website with an intuitive and scalable user experience: 

In order for your childcare to go smoothly, we aim to make your worries as light as possible. How do we do this? By starting at the beginning!

As soon as you register, we collect the information and details about your childcare and your needs through a simple and intuitive user interface. 

Once your registration is finalized, you will have a dedicated personal space. This space allows you to have an overview of your childcare and its follow-up. 

Hourly volume, contract signature, payments, invoices, documents... everything is centralized, automated and at your immediate disposal for any verification or update. 

The contact section of our babysitting website: a team at your service

On, a contact form allows visitors to reach us by email. Our team responds to your requests within the hour.

In a hurry? You can also call us, our dedicated consultants are available to answer your questions. 

Already registered?

Answering your questions, planning a replacement, managing an emergency, finding a baby sitter, a childcare mission, administrative support... Our Happiness Officers will be able to support you and meet your needs. You can even make an appointment whenever you want!

Smart-babysitting: a fun and fulfilling way to look after your child 

Profiles from the best backgrounds:

Babysitting website : a Kidlee babysitter teaching a little boy to play the piano

How can we talk about smart-babysitting or playful childcare without mentioning our super babysitters. Inspiring profiles, rich in skills and coming from the best universities such as Paris-Dauphine, the Sorbonne or Assas. Our partnerships with the best schools and universities in the Ile de France region allow us to welcome excellent candidates to our community.

In addition to their experience in baby sitting, we offer various workshops and training to our trusted baby sitters. In order for them to improve their skills and to be able to offer the best in terms of childcare. 

Whether you are a bilingual, artistic, athletic or creative candidate, at Kidlee you are sure to find the perfect match for your children. 

Fun content for rewarding shifts:  

a Kidlee babysitter discovering an educational pack with the little girls she looks after

The child is at the center of our concerns. And as each child is different, it is important to identify as much as possible the needs of each family in order to be able to propose babysitters that meet them. 

With the objective of accompanying the child in his or her daily development and awakening, our babysitters offer various games, workshops and fun activities according to the tastes and needs of each child for the development of each one. 

In fact, we support our babysitters with content and resources via our blog, newsletters, and Instagram accounts. So that our babysitters, but also the parents, are never short of inspiration when it comes to occupying the children and accompanying them in their daily learning.

Our babysitting site and our networks are also: Good plans for all! 

Always connected to current events, Kidlee is on the lookout for tips and tricks to make life easier for families and students. 

We also partner with organizations that share our values and offer services that are both unique and practical for everyone. For example, our partner Noö Family which is committed to improving the lives of single parents and offers you a great deal! Discover it here !

To take advantage of all our good plans, do not hesitate to follow Kidlee on Instagram ! Many surprises await you! 


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