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Babysitting ad : How to write it well ?

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Babysitting, Information, Parents

You are at the search for a childcare provider and so you get ready to write a babysitting ad. But you quickly realize that it is not as simple as you thought. You ask yourself a thousand and one questions about how to write the ad and what information to add. It is indeed a bit complicated to find the right balance between "not saying too much" and "not enough". 

Here are a few tips that will certainly help you write a clear and targeted ad to attract profiles that match you.

A babysitting ad must be clear !

The most important point in writing a good ad is clarity. A good ad will attract good babysitter profiles. Posting an ad that best reflects your needs is therefore essential. 

First, think about listing your schedules, expectations and needs. Choose a clear and simple lexicon to convey your message. Also, think of a catchy title that includes: hourly volume and region of residence. Then, try to mention the important details while remaining concise (number of children and age, additional tasks, criteria sought, location, hours, frequency...). This will serve as a first filter for your search and will allow you to meet candidates who match your requirements. 

Hours, remuneration and region of residence

To avoid any misunderstanding, underline the hours of your childcare with accuracy. Ideally, you should transcribe the hours by day and corresponding hours. Even if the hours do not change throughout the week. The clearer the better. Also specify the frequency (regular, occasional, weekday, after school, evening, weekend...). Also, if the childcare schedule has irregularities or specificities, it is equally important to underline it. If, for example, you want your babysitter to work every other week or every other weekend, it is important to mention it in your ad. Even if it is only a possibility. This way, you will receive applications from people with the same availability or adaptable schedules. 

You can choose to mention or not the proposed salary. But it is more interesting to underline, at least, the basic income of your babysitter in order to target your search as much as possible. 

In terms of where you live and the travel your babysitterTry to provide as many details as possible. Specify the region in which you live, the district if it is in Paris, the town and why not the neighborhood. If you are going to school, don't hesitate to mention the place, the travel time and the means of transportation if necessary. Don't hesitate to specify that you would like to have candidates near you in order to avoid any delays or bad surprises. 

Profile and benefits:

Describing the profile and the services you are looking for in your babysitting ad is an important step. It will help the readers to identify your needs and to know if they can apply or not. It is therefore essential to mention all the criteria of your ideal babysitter. The age range, the level of experience, the level of education if necessary as well as the adequate qualities such as punctuality or seriousness. Also specify the desired personality traits, such as gentleness, if you have very young children for example. Or even dynamism and creativity if your children are full of energy and like challenges.  

The same goes for the services required. It is important to list the different tasks and services that the babysitter will have to perform during her shift. If you are looking for a school accompaniment, remember to underline it in your ad. If, in another case, you are looking for a bilingual babysitter to accompany your children in learning a language, do not hesitate to write your ad in the desired language. Instead of putting your phone number, ask the candidates to answer you in writing. This way, you will be able to judge their language level for bilingual missions or for homework help. 

In short, the secret of a good ad lies in the organization of the information, its relevance and the clarity of the message. A babysitting ad must be clear, concise and targeted. And this, in order to save more time and to quickly find a person corresponding to your research. 

If you don't have the time to go through the research, recruitment and application stages, Kidlee can do it for you! 

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