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Childcare in Spanish: 4 games to introduce your child to Spanish at a young age

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Babysitting, Games

In the 21st century, mastering one or more foreign languages is essential. There are many reasons why you may want to have your child learn a language other than French. It may be because you are planning to expatriate soon, because of a cultural attachment to a language or simply because you want to make your child a citizen of the world. In fact, if a while ago we were talking about games to introduce your child to English, today it's the turn of games to learn Spanish. Without further ado, here is a list of games prepared by Kidlee for a successful childcare in Spanish.

4 games for the best Spanish childcare 

Juan Dice, the equivalent of Jacques said 

In France, we have Jacques and the Spanish have Juan. The game is based on orders, so you have to be very careful to complete the task requested. Of course, you must not forget to say before Juan Dice and por favor at the end.

Books are your best friends

Even though we keep talking about the benefits of reading. It's worth remembering that even children love stories, especially at night. This is a simple and effective way to introduce children to Spanish. Also, we recommend that you choose books in Spanish with lots of illustrations to make learning easier. 

SuperProfWe offer you some titles of little books in Spanish for children to read before bedtime:

  • Buenas noches Gorila (When it's time to sleep in a zoo...)
  • A Lucie le gustan las historias (bilingual)
  • Alice prepara una sorpresa (A cake preparation that goes wrong...)
  • ¡Guau, guau! (Or a story of a meal between a baby and a dog, a favorite for families with a dog).
  • Conejo y sombrero (a funny story in verse with a rabbit as the main character, ideal for reading aloud!)

Spanish childcare with puppets

There's no denying that children are fans of puppet shows. So, start by preparing a show for them with Spanish dialogues to familiarize them with this language. We count on your creativity not only in the puppets but also in the story. Also, feel free to add Spanish songs to the show.

Hide and seek, a classic in any language!

Here is a game that will allow the child to learn the numbers in the Spanish language. We always start with the smallest numbers, from one to ten, then as the child progresses, we increase the difficulty. 

Childcare in Spanish by Kidlee 

At kidleeA bilingual babysitter costs 27 €/hour. On the other hand, Spanish language courses cost almost the same or even a little more. However, the problem with language classes is that the child may get bored quickly and it requires a lot of organization. While the nanny is there for a long time. Therefore, bilingual childcare is a long-term solution. 

The nanny uses her skills in a foreign language to benefit your child. The exchanges between the child and the nanny are repeated on a weekly basis and this will facilitate indexing. The more your child stays in contact with the nanny, the more he or she will master the language.

You want to know more about Kidlee Childcare ? Then, we invite you to contact us by clicking just HERE ! Our specialized consultants will be happy to answer your questions while helping you find your bilingual gem!