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Childcare and containment - what you need to know!

par | Oct 28, 2020 | Special Edition

Following this new 7 days a week lockdown and the new restrictions in effect, many parents and babysitters are wondering about the activity of childcare during this period. We have therefore conducted our investigations to help you learn more about the terms and conditions of babysitting during this lockdown. Here is what you need to know about childcare and confinement.

Is childcare allowed during this lockdown? 

In-home childcare is a professional activity and is therefore allowed during this new confinement. And even after the 7pm curfew. For the baby-sitters, it will be possible to travel to work. It will also be possible for them to take public transportation. However, it will be necessary to be provided with certain supporting authorizations. 

What authorizations to practice for self-employed entrepreneurs : 

Self-employed entrepreneurs practicing a childcare activity, will need to bring a certificate of derogatory travel. This one, is to be renewed every day. And every time you travel to work. It allows to cover the trips between the home and the work place. In other words, the family's home. For school outings, a proof of school travel will be required. This will be hidden by the host institution. And it will not have to be renewed if it is always the same person who picks up the child.

A proof of the micro-enterprise (INSEE status notice) may have to accompany these certificates. INSEE sends this document by mail after the creation of the micro-entrepreneur status. Applicants can obtain this document via the website Insee. In order to obtain it, it is enough to introduce the first 9 digits of the SIRET. 

Babysitting in direct employment: 

When a babysitter is directly employed by a family, she can travel from the family's home to their home and back. However, she must have a proof of business travel. Completed by the employing parent. It is up to the employer to determine the length of validity of this document. It will not need to be renewed. Contrary to the current derogatory attestation. If the babysitter takes the child to school or picks him up, he will need a proof of school travel to be completed by the school. The same applies if the parent is picking up the child.

Childcare and confinement: babysitting in an agency  

The baby-sitters working for an agency as employees will also be able to exercise their activity. As for direct employment, the concerned persons will be obliged to have a proof of business travel. It is up to the agency that employs them to establish the latter. This document must be valid for the duration of their mission. It would be preferable for the baby-sitters employed by an agency to have a proof of school travel.

Child care and confinement: How do I get these travel certificates? 

Override certifications can be done online, on a smartphone and on plain paper.

You will find below the certificates and receipts:

Certificate of derogatory travel,

Proof of business travel,

Justificate of school travel

Digital format

Proof of INSEE 

Useful link: Coronavirus information