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Musical awakening: make children love music from a young age!

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Parents

Did you know? Your baby hears your voice before he's even born. That's why it's important to make sure you listen to good music during pregnancy. And since you want to introduce your child to music at an early age, you should already be thinking about how to give him a good musical awakening. Don't panic, Kidlee is here! And has prepared a list of tips to ensure the best possible musical awakening for your baby.

The musical awakening of baby in utero

As we told you above, baby can hear even when he is inside his mother's belly. And that from the sixth month! He will be more sensitive to his mother's voice, because it is the one he will hear the most, but he will also be stimulated by the different noises. Also, if during the period of pregnancy, baby is used to listening to a song, he will recognize it directly the first days. In the same theme, we have to tell you about the Bola of pregnancy. It is a long necklace with a pendant at the end that contains a ball. So, with each movement, it emits a soft tinkling that soothes baby. After the birth, the pendant will be put in baby's comforter to keep this precious link. Then, this tinkling will help him to relax and reassure him.

How to make a baby musical awakening? 

Singing lullabies 

  • "There was a little ship that had never sailed before..."
  • "Sleep, the child do, the child will sleep soon..."
  • "Do you know how to plant cabbage? The way we do it..."

Even if you have a potty voice, you've already sung one of these canteens at least once. And that's a good start! Your child needs a first musical introduction. And the most important thing is your tone of voice. You are singing for your child, not auditioning, so you won't need any musical training, don't panic!

Create a musical ritual 

Your child needs to be accompanied by music, but not too much either. So you can create a musical environment for certain times at home. For example, a lively song for bath time. Or a piece of classical music at bedtime. The most important thing is to diversify your baby's music playlist.

Sing along with your family!

To make baby listen to music with Youtube, it's good. But singing songs as a family is even better. Young and old, everyone gets involved. We take out the pots and pans, the musical instruments and we launch the concert for the greatest pleasure of baby. A great moment of sharing that the little ones love. Don't forget to include gestures, such as "roll the mill". Thus, baby listens and watches to develop his hearing and motor skills in the near future.

Investments for an assured musical awakening of the baby

The awakening carpet

Éveil musical bébé : sound stimulation mat

The mat is a space of play and rest essential for the good development of the baby. He will be able to hear different sounds and play them again by pressing the right button. In other words, the sound mat is a must-have for the greatest pleasure of baby.

The instruments for musical awakening for the little ones

These will provide your child with an amazing sensory experience. He will create melodies as he goes along and repeat some rhythms as he pleases! Here, the choice is huge and endless. So we have prepared a small non-exhaustive list of some instruments that we think are interesting.

The xylophone
A child playing with a xylophone

A beautiful and easy-to-handle wooden instrument, perfectly suited for small hands. Each key has a different color and makes a different sound. Thus, the child will be able to develop his dexterity and begin a discovery of the musical world. 

The maracas 
Musical baby alarm clock : maracas
The little REFINERS

Musical instrument highly appreciated by the Montessori method. It is easy to hold and handle. Just shake it and enjoy the sweet sound. You can also make your own maracas with the modeling head tutorial. For this, you must have plastic bottles (milk or liquid yogurt bottles) and pasta.

Audio books
A musical book

We can't stop saying how important reading is to a child. With musical books, you have the winning combo! So, you will tell your child a story and next to it you will have little keys. When you click on them, the associated sound will be heard. Usually, the child will randomly click on the keys. So, try to always repeat the phrase or word associated with the sound after it.

The accordion 
Baby musical awakening : accordion

No, don't worry, we are not talking about the big accordion that is difficult to handle but about a special baby accordion. Very small and very cute. Easy to handle, it will amuse the children a lot, and will make them discover music.

A Kidlee babysitter

The musical universe is infinite and the sooner you get into it the better! This is why the babysitters Kidlee make sure to accompany the children in their musical awakening! For example, by regularly practicing artistic activities such as music as you can see on the picture below.

You want to know more about Kidlee childcare supers ? Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking just HERE !

musical awakening with the smart-babysitting Kidlee
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