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Epiphany 2022: 4 activities to do with your family for an unforgettable day

par | Jan 4, 2022 | Do It Yourself, Games

Christmas is over and so is the New Year. You think you are done with the festivities? Well no, there is one more for the road, the Epiphany! Yes, you know, the feast that commemorates the manifestation of Jesus as a child to the Magi who came to adore him. No, doesn't that tell you anything? Well, to make it easier, it's the feast for which we eat the "galette des rois" in search of the famous bean. There, we think you have understood what we are talking about. And so, instead of always associating this celebration with a cake, Kidlee proposes activities to celebrate the Epiphany 2022.

Preparing the "galette des rois" in family

Even if the "galette des rois" is known to be the dessert that will ruin the resolutions of adults from the 6th day of this new year, it remains irreplaceable. That's why we suggest you make it yourself! That way, at least, it will be healthier. And in addition, it will create a real moment of sharing. Kits to prepare pancakes are available in supermarkets. You just have to go for it and don't forget to share with us the result on Instagram!

Modelling clay for the Epiphany 2022

If you're not too keen on the idea of taking the kids into the kitchen. Here is an alternative! Suggest that they make their own galette des rois with play dough. Once the mechanism is set in motion, kids can let their creativity run wild. In addition, they can follow the three basic steps as shown in the photo. If they want to work on the details, they can also have fun making several layers to give the impression of a puff pastry. They can even hide a bean inside. When eating your galette des rois, you can use the play dough galette to decorate the plates. Explain that the latter is just for decoration and that it is the large galette that can be eaten (one can never be too careful!)

There is no Epiphany 2022 without a crown  

You will need one 52 cm x 3 cm strip or two 28 cm x 3 cm strips and join them together to make one strip. Next, you will need to print the wreath template available here. Thanks to Modelling head ! Once the pattern is printed, give it to your child, ask him to reproduce it in several copies on colored paper. Now, the child must glue the patterns on the wreath. Then decorate the wreath as he or she pleases! The wreath is ready, all that's left to do is crown your child.

The 3 wise men

HereIn this section, we suggest that you represent the Three Wise Men using sticks. You will need 3 sticks and a black felt pen. For the rest, the children can use whatever they have on hand for the kings' costume. They will have to start with the eyes and mouth. Then they can tackle the best part, the costumes! A garland here, a piece of fabric there, a real fashion show of the wise men! But don't forget to put a crown on them!