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Ecology: how to introduce children to the right ecological gestures?

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Information, Lifestyle, Parents

We don't know what tomorrow's world will be made of, do we? What we do know is that there will surely be no more glaciers for the penguins. Indeed, due to global warming, there is a melting of the ice and a rise in the sea level. And the list goes on and on, so we might as well get into ecology!

First of all, it is important to make children aware of ecology and environmental protection. When you put it like that, you think it's a lot to take in. However, small gestures can make a difference. To do so, Kidlee has prepared a small list of eco-friendly gestures to share with your child

Eco-responsible toys

Consume "Made in France", it's ecology

ecology : ecoresponsible wooden tic-tac-toe game
MORPION Tik Atak - Wesco

It is important to explain to the child that toys produced elsewhere have a long way to go to get to France. By boat or by plane, both means of transportation produce greenhouse gases that are bad for the planet.

To go further, you can even offer your little ones eco-responsible games and toys. Like toys made of wood, cardboard and of course from eco-managed forests. There are also many toys made from recycled materials or from vegetable materials.

Recycle used batteries 

Provide your child with a box to store used batteries. Throwing batteries in the garbage is not an ordinary act because they are very polluting. Don't forget to take the box with you when you go to the supermarket to put the batteries in the dedicated collection points.

The ecology it also passes by the garage sales

two preteens about to give away a whole box of toys
Designed by freepik

Is your child's room overflowing with toys he or she no longer uses? Rather than throwing them away, don't hesitate to sort them out. You can donate them to associations or resell them on websites like vinted.

Turn off the light when you leave a room

Always set an example for your child by turning off the lights when you leave a room. It is important to remember that 30 minutes of unnecessary lighting per day is equivalent to 5 days of continuous lighting over the year. Therefore, it is useful to educate children from a young age. Moreover, it will allow you to save on your electricity bill because this is not Versailles!

Learn to sort waste 

To begin with, you can explain to the child that not everything is thrown away in the same bag. In fact, you can make him discover the different garbage cans dedicated to sorting. Green for glass, blue for paper, yellow for plastic and grey for anything that cannot be recycled.

Discover also a great sorting game to download and print here !

The ecology also passes by our plate

It is important to respect the seasonality of the fruits and vegetables consumed. It is preferable to always opt for organic agriculture that respects the environment and seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you have trouble convincing your child, don't hesitate to take him/her to a market gardener to pick his/her own food. This will give him a contact with nature that will not leave him indifferent.

Walk or scoot to school

a little girl having fun with her scooter
Designed by freepik

Explain to your child that the car also pollutes, just like the boat that brings his toy from another continent. Tell him that from now on, you will walk or bike to school to protect the planet. They'll be thrilled!

Do manual activities !

a bird made from a toilet paper roll

Ecology for children is also learning while having fun. Indeed, initiating children to eco-friendly gestures also involves activities that teach them about recycling and recovery old objects to give them a second life. And why not, a more fun life! They can start by transforming a toilet paper roll into a decoration or a game for example! Then, move on to more elaborate recycling activities.

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We can never say it enough: water is life!

The safeguarding of the planet depends essentially on the safeguarding and preservation of water which is the source of all life. In order to sensitize the children, we gradually start to explain them the importance of water for the human being and for the protection of the planet.

For example, you or your babysitter can organize discussions around this topic. First, ask the children to tell you what they know and discuss it in more detail later. Then you answer their questions as children to enlighten them.

Finally, to encourage children to take action and contribute to water conservation at their level, set an example! And this, through simple but repeated gestures. Turn off the tap while washing your hands with soap and while brushing your teeth. Take showers instead of baths...etc.

Here are a few simple actions that can make a difference, if everyone gets involved. Don't hesitate to share with us the ecological gestures you share with your child.