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DIY Valentine's Day: 5 ideas for activities to do with children!

par | Feb 7, 2022 | Do It Yourself

So, for this February 14, young and old alike are enthusiastically searching for the perfect gift that will touch the heart of their loved one! And by loved one, we mean the one you love, your parents, and even your grandparents! As long as there is love, we might as well declare it or write it on a piece of paper? Ah, but aren't letters a bit kitsch? Besides, you've probably already exhausted your inspiration for card ideas, right? Don't panic, Kidlee is here! And we have prepared a top DIY Valentine's Day to do with the kids for a shared moment to express those feelings with great Valentine's Day gifts.

Life sometimes, or rather often, we don't have the time to appreciate things or to tell people how much we care about them. Fortunately, February 14th, the lovers' day, or rather the love day, is here! It's true that sometimes Cupid does some damage with his arrows, but that doesn't take away from the magic of this holiday, so we must take full advantage of it.

Cupid's hands

We're kicking things off with a simple and easy DIY that is sure to make an impact. For this gift idea, you will need a pencil, a sheet of colored paper, a scissor and a pen to write the declaration of love. First, you will need to fold the paper in half and then the child will need to place his hand on it. If he is tall enough, he can draw the outline of his hand himself but if he is too small, feel free to do it for him. Now it's time to cut out the outline of the hand! And there you have it, you have the support of the letter. All that's left to do is write a nice message.

DIY valentine's day all in buttons

For this do it yourself, the only catch is that you will need a board (a canvas) and paint. With a pencil, start by drawing a heart in the center of the support. Then, if you wish, you can paint the base with acrylic paint in the color of your choice. Now, let's tackle the buttons. To glue them inside the heart, you will need to use white strong glue. Also, the buttons can very well be replaced by pompoms or caps, it depends on what you have on hand.

Green Valentine's Day DIY

It's time to recycle your toilet paper rolls! So here's a great diy gift tutorial with them. You will need one or more rolls, depending on how many people the child wants to send a message to. Felt pens, colored sheets, and ribbons. First, brush the sheet with glue and wrap it around the paper roll. Then, with a rectangular strip of colored paper, we make the strap that gives this bag look. All that is left to do is to decorate the St. Valentine's bag and put a little message on it.

A candle jar for Valentine's Day

For this DIY, you will need a jar and a candle. For the rest, it's up to you to let your imagination run wild or rather the child's. You can also decorate the jar with glitter, paint or even string. Finally, don't forget to put a candle in it. Also, write a nice little note on the lid to please your loved one.

A little DIY to mark the occasion

For this last one, it will not be possible for you to let the child go without the risk that it melts... Indeed, we suggest you to prepare ice cubes with roses! So that the romanticism invites itself to the table. All you need is an ice cube mold, small roses or rose petals and of course water. Put a rose in the middle, pour water and go to the freezer

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