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Want to play guessing games as a kid? Here are 3 ways to play without getting bored!

par | Mar 1, 2021 | Games and Development, Parents

My first is a simple relative pronoun, my second is the fourth letter of the alphabet, my last is a verb, my all is a home childcare service in Paris. As you may have guessed, the correct answer is Kidlee. It's been a long time since you've played guessing games, hasn't it? But this one felt good, so imagine how your child might feel when you ask them a riddle. Maybe it's time to revive these to awaken children with playful riddles. After all, creating a "child" riddle doesn't have to be that complicated! We'll give you the secret at the end of the article, but first let's talk about why riddles are important for your child.

Why play guessing games?

Sharing a moment together

With riddles, interaction is guaranteed. Once the riddle is asked, your child will only want to find the right answer. Finally, don't hesitate to offer them a reward once they have solved the riddle. 

Stimulate the memory and pleasure areas with a child's riddle

When you read such a charade, your neurons change their mode of operation. It is the same for the child. It has been proven that the memory areas and the pleasure areas start to talk to each other. This means that when you are making guesses, each new piece of information is recorded more easily with increased motivation and enthusiasm. There is both a desire to learn, to understand, and a very pleasant state of excitement.

As you can see, riddles and other puzzles arouse curiosity. This facilitates learning and makes you happy, as mentioned above. Useful and pleasant!

A psychological contribution

Riddles have many benefits for the intellectual development of the child. On the other hand, the psychological development is also concerned. Indeed, riddles teach children to push their limits. First, the desire to take up the challenge is there. Secondly, the child tests his limits and pushes them a little more each time. In the end, the child has a positive self-image and gains confidence. 

3 Ways to Play Guessing Games 

Musical riddle

For this activity, you need to have a few musical instruments in your home. First, you ask your child to close his eyes, then you play an instrument. He or she will only have to say out loud which instrument it is. You can also play it on Youtube by taking as theme for example the sound of animals. For Disney fans, there are Disney blind test. Overall, the child will develop his or her listening skills and knowledge at the same time.

Child riddle from a card

Here we will talk about the classic "Who am I". The best way to play this game is in a specific category. For example "Who am I?" or "Who am I? Also, the riddles can have a real playful contribution, you can play "Who am I version of the world".

Children's riddles and board games 

Many board games are based on riddles and guesses to entertain the audience. Here are some of them:

Child's riddle : clue game for children

Clue Junior

Here, the goal is to find out who ate the piece of cake, when they ate it and what they drank to win the game.

Riddle kid : taboo junior to be the king of riddles
Taboo Junior

Taboo Junior

Whether it's the regular version or the drawing version, the atmosphere will be great. The objective is to make your team guess the word on the card without quoting one of the taboo words. 

guessing game : Who am I?
Who am I?

Who I am 

An easy and funny game for animated family evenings. The principle is simple: 200 characters, 400 questions, 2 steps, 1 minute, from 2 to 12 players.