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A few favorite DIY ideas to make with your family for a successful Christmas decoration

par | Nov 30, 2021 | Decorations, Do It Yourself, Lifestyle

Here we are, the favorite month of the French is finally here! December and its warm atmosphere of parties, colors, lights, Christmas gifts and unique moments to share with the family. It's time to start the preparations, gift list, Christmas decoration, menu, activities... 

Let us tell you, Christmas preparations at Kidleewe love it! And what we like most is to share our favorites with you! 

Today, it's great ideas for Christmas decoration that we list for you to be able to do creative workshops with your family and prepare the holidays in the rules of art with the children! 

Christmas decoration: polymeric pastes, your best allies for a successful workshop! 

Whether in salt dough or in fimo clay, Christmas decorations in polymer clay are always popular with children. In addition to working on their fine motor skills, this type of activity is an excellent way to develop the creative and imaginative spirit of youngsters. They have no idea what their quick minds can produce in terms of artwork! 

Salt dough decorations: 

All you need to make salt dough decorations is salt dough! Find a super easy recipe just here

At first, the ideal would be to go towards garlands to hang on your Christmas tree and a little everywhere in the house. You can then make decorations for your Christmas table, fireplace, windows ... They can be shaped like mini-bunnies, men, stars, houses, candy canegifts or even Christmas ornaments ...

Then, to go further, and according to the age of your children, you can go on sculptures, houses or trees that stand alone and would serve as a centerpiece for example! 

To do this, you will need tools that will help your little ones to have fun. Punch, cutter, paint, glitter, ribbons, beads, buttons, felt, glue... 

And for the fimo clay then? 

Dear lazy, the fimo paste flies to your rescue. The advantage with the fimo dough is that it is ready to be mixed. No need to make it, and it avoids failures with children who grumble behind. And you can find everywhere on the market, including at Cultura. In fact, the brand even offers a booklet with 60 Christmas-themed creations to make with children. Just find it here

We also love the DIY signed by Clerver Poppy ! both simple to make and super pretty! 

Christmas decoration: what to do with paper?  

On the one hand, you have used books, old newspapers or leftover wrapping paper to recycle. On the other hand, you have kids who love folding and origami. You might as well combine the two by making some great Christmas decorations. 

In addition to being an ultra-relaxing and satisfying activity, folding works on young children's dexterity while developing their fine motor skills and precision. 

Simple folding for the little ones: 

For the novices and for the youngest, especially, we leave on a very simple folding. And this, to realize an adorable decoration of Christmas in the shape of fir tree, which is called: the fir tree-accordion (we assume totally this pun). 

To create their trees, your little ones will first need pages of used books and ornaments to decorate it all (little stars, glitter ...). Then, the next step is very simple. Just turn the pages into large triangles. To do this, we cut the two lengths to create a point on the upper side of the page and form the famous triangle. Then, you proceed to the folding as to make a fan or an accordion. 

Your role will be to make the base of the tree to raise it. You can do this with a cork or a flat piece of wood. Make a hole in it and fix a straw or a thin stick in it. Once the folding is done, insert the stick all along the folding and you're done. You can decorate this mini tree as you wish! 

Tuto in detail at christmaholic 

Origami Christmas decoration for the pros: 

And if you introduce the older children to the addictive art of origami. Whether it is in garlands or hung on the tree, the origami decorations will certainly not go unnoticed. Something to make your kids proud. 

Here is our selection of video tutorials for great origami decorations! We let you choose between :

the Santa Claus, the fir tree or thestar

Discover also 13 simple origami figures to try here !

Christmas decoration in recovery !

The legendary pine cone! 


The pine cone symbolizes winter, but it also symbolizes the end of year celebrations. With it, we can make so many things : a nice colorful Christmas wreathYou can also make a great centerpiece for your table, or ornaments for your tree. All you need is paint, glue, glitter and a good dose of imagination! 

The Christmas bottles!

Here's another super easy Christmas decoration that's good for the environment. 

Bottles of wine lying around in the back of the closet? No problem. We give them a second life by transforming them into personalized creations by your little ones! First, you decorate them as you wish. They can then be used as table decorations to impress your guests and make your tribe proud. Otherwise, you can also put them on your hall furniture or other.

Just like with the pine cones, the ideas are endless. You can provide the children with paint and accessories in Christmas colors and let them create joyful characters. 

For a wow effect, you can even add string lights to make beautiful Christmas lanterns.

These ideas are just the beginning! More inspirations are coming! Stay tuned!