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Cheap Christmas decoration: how to spice up your studio without breaking the bank?

by | Dec 17, 2021 | News, Good plans

Christmas is approaching fast and it's time to transform your little cocoon for this wonderful holiday. However, when you're a student, you don't really have the means to splurge. That's why today KidleeWe've prepared a little top of the list of good deals for cheap christmas decoration.

A little cheap christmas decoration - A wooden "Xmas".

Get into the Christmas spirit with this pretty wooden word that will find its place everywhere. Whether it's on the coffee table, the desk or under the Christmas tree. Put it in your studio and you're sure to have a merry Christmas. 

Price : 1,72€ (€)

A light garland

The magic of Christmas is also associated with its wonderful lights and your studio will not escape it. Besides, at Maison du Monde, there are 20 LED lights available in different colors and moreover, it's a small price!

Price : 5,99€ (€)

An eco-responsible Christmas calendar

The impatient will love the red and green reindeer Christmas calendar! These little spinning cubes will remind you of the day's date in a fun way until the gifts are opened. We think your inner child will love this product. Here, the magic of Christmas rhymes with eco-responsibility! 

Price : 6,99€ (€)

Cheap christmas decoration : Ze couronne

To decorate your front door, choose this magnificent wreath from La Foir'Fouille! With its colors worthy of a traditional Christmas atmosphere, this wreath will make its effect for sure! Indispensable and timeless, it will fit perfectly on the front of your door.

Price : 8,49€ (€)

A Christmas mug

Here is an object that will be very useful when you will sit in front of the TV to watch a good Christmas movie. You will have guessed it or not, it is a Santa Claus mug to enjoy your hot chocolate. 

Price : 6€ for the first time

Don't forget to spice up your bed!

We're going all out and we're even offering you a low-cost comforter for the occasion. Printed with snowflakes and deer, very comfortable and very cozy, we think you'll love it. Plus there's a 30% discount on it, thanks La Redoute

Price : 13,99€ (€)

The most important element of a cheap Christmas decoration

My beautiful fir tree, king of the forests, how I love your greenery" . Don't worry, we still weren't going to close this article without telling you where to find a cheap tree. So, here are some options:

  • Go to the nearest supermarket and get an artificial tree in the color of your choice. First, the prices in supermarkets are cheaper. Secondly, it's artificial and therefore reusable for the following years. Unless something unexpected happens, it won't cost you a penny.
  • If you don't lack patience and inspiration, you can also create your own tree. The options are endless, a tree with books, branches, dead leaves...etc. We recommend you to take a look on Pinterest to get a lot of ideas.
  • Otherwise, you can also find a basic tree in florists or garden centers for about 20-30€.

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