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Covid-19 and school closures: what measures to take to keep your children?

par | Mar 16, 2020 | Special Edition

From Monday, March 16, schools and nurseries officially close their doors and this until further notice of President Emmanuel Macron. A decision which rejoices, without surprise, the majority of the children not understanding at their young age the gravity of the situation and the anguish that this one causes to the parents. Today, thousands of parents are indeed in anxiety about the fate of their children after this decision to close schools as a prevention against COVID-19. 

In another context, parents could have simply called on grandparents to look after their children. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is spreading at an unprecedented rate and the elderly are the most at risk from this virus. 

However, there are a few solutions that could greatly help you manage this period of lockdown and school closure. 

Telecommuting for emergency management COVID-19

If you are in a hurry and you still cannot find a way to have your children looked after, it would be wise and preferable to opt for telecommuting with your spouse for example. In this case, it is essential to inform your employer as soon as possible so that he/she can examine your situation and that you can then agree on a telecommuting system that would suit both parties. This would allow you to stay with your family and limit the risks of exposure.  

Work stoppage for one of the parents

If in your situation no telecommuting arrangement is possible. And if you are unable to have recourse to childcare, it is urgent and essential to inform your employer or the organization that employs you. And this, in order to benefit from an exceptional work stoppage. Indeed, with the COVID-19 risk, the work stoppage no longer depends on your health condition but on the emergency health situation that we are currently experiencing, which is expected to last for several weeks. This decision, of course, concerns all social security systems and is only applicable to parents of children under 16 years of age who do not have the possibility of telecommuting or access to a childcare service. It is also important to know that only one of the two parents can benefit from this approach. 

After informing your employer of the situation, your employer will need to fill in an online form so that you can benefit from a work stoppage not exceeding 14 days. 

Opting for childcare

Hiring a babysitter is undoubtedly the solution to school closings. Using the services of a baby-sitter can indeed help you manage this situation. And this, while being reassured as for the school accompaniment of your children. If you hire a student babysitter for example. The latter will be able to participate in the follow-up of your little ones' classes while helping them with their homework. 

As soon as the school closures were announced, some sites, such as maxicoursIn fact, many of these organizations offer free courses and exercises to ensure that the youngest children receive proper guidance. Various platforms, start-ups and childcare agencies also affirm their support and solidarity. And this, by proposing different solutions of care and accompaniment so that the evolution and the learning of the child is not disturbed in any way. 

KidleeIn order to reassure and support its community and express its solidarity and sincere dedication, the company has also set up a system of emergency support and prevention. In order to reassure and support its community while expressing its solidarity and sincere dedication. The objective of this accompaniment, also aims at contributing to the follow-up of the homework and courses of the children. And this, in order to spend this period of confinement in the best conditions of awakening and learning for the child.