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Baby-sitter : how to answer a babysitting ad ?

by | Feb 23, 2020 | Babysitting, Babysitting tips

That's it! After a dozen websites and hours of research, you have finally found the ad baby sitting that is right for you. Now that you're at your wits' end, you're wondering how to respond properly and get the family's attention and interest? 

Here are our tips for responding to a babysitting ad :

First, it is important to know that parents judge babysitters to the first lines of their answers. Whether it is by email or direct message, we avoid "I am interested, contact me", "I am available" and so on. The parent wants to know a little more before contacting a potential candidate. And, above all, they want to know quickly if the latter can meet their needs. 

Be attentive to the content to answer well to a babysitting ad:

Start by carefully reviewing the ad you are interested in, focusing on the family's requests. This will allow you to provide a targeted response that best reflects your interest in the mission of child care as well as your motivation. It is indeed essential to show parents that you are a good match for their search and that you are the right person for the job. top nanny of their dreams. Make sure that your availability corresponds to the hours of care mentioned in the ad. Also, make sure that the area where the family lives is not 2 hours away from your home. And, that you can get there quickly and without too much hassle. 

Once all the essential information has been verified, you can move on to writing your response. In the latter, you must include: the presentation of your baby sitter profileYour qualities and strengths, your experience and your availability. 

Let's start by introducing ourselves briefly!

Before getting into the details, the first few lines of your answer are intended to briefly introduce yourself and to indicate to the parents that you are available at the times mentioned in the ad. Therefore, mention your last name, first name, age, professional activity or field of study as well as your region of residence. Also underline your availability by specifying the days and times. This will encourage them to read the rest of your message to find out more about you. Then specify your interest in the mission and why you chose to answer this ad specifically.  

In order to answer a babysitting ad, we describe our babysitter profile

This part is intended to promote you and introduce you to the parents. Talk about your qualities and strengths, emphasizing your seriousness and professionalism. If you have special skills such as mastering a foreign language or a musical instrument, do not hesitate to specify it in your answer.

Then highlight your interest in children. And most importantly, your experience in the field of baby sitting if you have already done so. You can give one or two examples and indicate that you have references. Parents are more reassured by profiles with references that can be verified. If you don't have any experience other than in your family circle, that's okay! It's experience too, so you can mention it. If you have diplomas related to childcare (BAFA, first aid training...), it is important to specify it. Don't forget to add them as an attachment if you answer by mail.

We detail the benefits!

Before closing your answer, it is important to highlight the services you can perform in the home and/or with the children. Bathing, preparing dinner, helping with homework (if necessary) etc. Show the parents your added value by specifying what you can bring to their children. For example, you can mention some of the fun, manual or educational activities you can do as a babysitter. 

Finally, close your email or message with a greeting. Then write your contact information and don't forget to attach your resume to the email. If you answer by direct message, you can create a cv online and add the link in your message. 

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