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Vacation notebook: top 5 notebooks to buy

by | Jul 7, 2021 | School, Games and Development, Parents

The vacations are a time to recharge after a long year of school. But that doesn't mean you should leave your brain unexercised. It is also an opportunity to maintain intellectual gymnastics and to prepare the child for the next school year. Also, you should know that there are so many choices on the market that it is easy to get lost. That's why we Kidlee has prepared a top of the list of vacation notebooks to find the most suitable notebook for your child.

But first, how do you choose the right vacation notebook? 

First, the workbook must be appropriate for the child's age and level. If you think you're doing the right thing by taking the next level, it's the opposite because the difficulty will discourage the child.

For example, if your child is in third grade then opt for a third grade vacation notebook. You should always choose a vacation book that is adapted to the level and age of your child and of course with the right content. The latter must be up to date with the school program and since the latter changes frequently, you must be on your guard.

The notebook should contain a variety of exercises and make the child want to buy it. Moreover, you can let the child choose from this top.

And when should you get out the vacation book? 

It is important to remember that this notebook cannot be used continuously for all vacations because it will no longer be a vacation. You can offer the child a month with and a month without, or every other day and establish a routine of a few minutes.

Also, a very important point to take into account, the environment. For this activity, the child needs to be calm. Thus, the activity remains a moment of pleasure for the child and the parent.

The top vacation notebooks to buy

Sami and Julie - kindergarten to first grade

Sami and Julie - vacation book for kindergarten to first grade

This workbook allows you to review the fundamental notions of the first year of school with Sami and Julie. It allows to revise French (reading, writing and comprehension of text.), mathematics (counting and ordering, addition and subtraction), history-geography and English. 

Also, it offers many games and a new adventure of Sami and Julie. 

Nathan vacances - CP to CE1

Nathan Vacances - CP to CE1

A workbook designed to revise the entire program, at the pace of the vacations: 18 revision sequences in French, Maths, Questioning the World and English, based on original stories and documentary texts, a memory aid to help with the exercises, regular assessments to measure progress, fun games, and "Summer Doc" pages on topical subjects. All the detachable answer keys in the center of the book.

Vacation notebook: Passport

Passport - Holiday book CE1 to CE2

A workbook to revise the whole program with pleasure! Simple and varied exercises in all subjects, essential lesson reminders, games in English, detailed answers and advice for parents. A fun workbook with themes that appeal to children, fun activities and games to learn in a different way thanks to star rewards to stick on after each revision.

Hatier vacances CME2 vers la 6ème

Hatier vacances - CM2 vers la 6ème

Hatier vacances offers students the opportunity to revise the essentials of the program in 64 pages and to prepare for entry into the sixth grade. Simple and fun, it offers progressive exercises in all subjects. The book also contains games and an escape game to do at home in partnership with Happy Kits. Also, a memory aid and detachable answers.

A vacation notebook for children in CM1 who are about to move on to CM2 designed by Cours Legendre, the specialist in educational support for over 30 years.

Cours Legendre - vacation notebook CM1 to CM2

Vacation notebook : cours legendre

This workbook, to be done during the summer vacations (but also during the short ones if you wish or even during the school year!) offers rich and diversified educational activities. Also, it has a detachable file for parents that contains the answers to the exercises.