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Bingo game for kids: 5 Bingos to learn while having fun

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Babysitting, Games and Development, Kids, Parents

If you're looking for a fun and calm activity to keep your kids busy, Bingo (pun intended!)! You've just found it! Offer your kids to play a game of bingo for children!

How does it work? 

Then each player holds a board. In a small group, there is a leader who will draw a card and say the word. If there is no leader, the children take turns picking a card. Then, the children will search their grid for the image or the word related to what was said by the leader. If they find it, they cover it with a token.

When one of the children has covered his entire board with chips, he shouts BINGO ! And you win! It is also possible to win by having a row, column or diagonal in chips if you want to make it shorter.

What type of Bingo? What benefits?

Nowadays there are many different kinds of bingos to play with. And that for different ages. And even for different themes such as Christmas Bingo ... Or even Disney Bingo ! You can use this game to teach your child numbers, letters, colors, animals. And even a foreign language! 

The game of bingo can be a fun way for a child to learn! What is the mainstay of the Montessori pedagogy ! Moreover, it develops his alertness, sharpens his concentration and listening skills and especially allows him to have fun! And this with patterns fun and recreational

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Children can start having fun playing Bingo as young as 5 years old with a Family or a babysitter to explain the rules. Afterwards, they can even have fun playing bingo with each other on their own.

Children's Bingo

Bingo from 1 to 20

OnlineBingo is a site that offers to download and print different bingo cards. You can find different levels of difficulty. For kids, we'll focus on the 3 x 3 grids and you can even choose the color before printing!

You will also need to print or prepare random numbers between 1 and 20 to be used on the call.

Let the children choose their cards first. Once each child is set up, you can start the game. Make sure the children understand that they can only call bingo when they have checked off an entire row or column or diagonal. (This depends on the rules you choose to set). 

Randomly select a number and call it. Have the children check off the number if it is on their card. Continue calling numbers until one of them calls bingo. And then you can start another round if desired.

The player sits down while the caller calls out the numbers he or she has chosen at random. To do this, after downloading and printing the cards, write down the numbers and put them in a bowl, for example, to draw them at random.

Once the number has been drawn and called, the player goes through the grid and marks it if it is there. If all the numbers in a column or row match, the player shouts BINGO! The player has won the round!

Animal bingo for the whole family!

This link offers printable bingo game grids for the whole family! Kids can discover different animals while having fun with parents and even grandparents! All that's left to do is pick the caller and print out the cards to be drawn, which you'll find right here here

Source: ZooEcomuseum

Bingo for teaching English to children:

Make your own bingos to print! 

You will be given a multiple choice of what you want to review with the child regarding his English vocabulary (adjectives, colors, animals...). You can create up to 16 boards of 3 x 3 or 4×4.

If a set does not contain enough vocabulary to create your tables, then choose the "empty" option and fill in the remaining boxes with text.

Just click here to make your own bingo grids to teach kids English! 

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Good deed bingo

This bingo is different from the others. It will encourage the child to get organized and accomplish different tasks. For example, making his bed, getting dressed by himself ... When the line is complete, there will be rewards! 

You can also personalize it and all for only 5.50 Euros! Order your bingo just here.

Favorite! A giant children's bingo game for car trips! 

This giant bingo game is a real favorite! Not only because of the beautifully designed grids, but also because of the ingenious idea to keep the kids busy! During long car rides, there's nothing better than a giant bingo game! They will have to be attentive on the road and locate the elements of the grid to check them off! Great idea, isn't it? Find the bingo for car trips downloadable just here