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Babysitting in the evening: what activities to propose to the children?

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Babysitting

So much for going to the movies, dining out with friends and evening festivities! The new trend is "stay at home" but we have a better plan than staying in your studio alone! Babysitting in the evening! Whether it's on weekends or weekdays, it's a great way to make ends meet and to share a moment with one or more children. And this, even if you can't keep children regularly.

For this mission, Kidlee offers you a list of activities to do that will keep your travel companion busy. And this, from the time he gets out of school until the sandman comes.

Playing a game of hide and seek

A must-have, isn't it? Today, this game is still the best way to entertain a child. And with all the variations that exist, how can you resist it! In addition, for older children, we recommend turning off the lights and playing hide-and-seek at night. This will make the adventure much more exciting!

One-off evening babysitting: why not organize a treasure hunt?

And if for a change, you transform the snack into a treasure hunt ? The map should lead to a chest that will contain delicious little cookies that will then delight the child and his appetite.

Encourage their creativity

Don't hesitate to propose manual activities to the child to allow him to express his imagination. And at the same time, to externalize his feelings and his creativity. Modeling clay, beads, crepe paper, salt dough or even feathers... A wide range of accessories is available to you to keep your child busy in a playful way.

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Babysitting in the evening: the essential board game

The board game is a great way to bring young and old together. And this great entertainment will also please the whole tribe! The choice is endless and it is best to let the child choose. Card games, Uno, Time's Up, Monopoly, Triominos, Cluedo... etc.

Dinner time!

With all these activities, the child will soon be hungry! The great babysitter that you are will prepare dinner for him by inviting him to get his hands dirty if his age allows it. In the process, you'll be sharing some basic cooking skills that are sure to impress his parents!

Watch an educational cartoon

We talked about it in a dedicated articleEducational cartoons are recommended to entertain children for 10 to 20 minutes. And this, with a real educational and pedagogical contribution. We must not forget that before 3 years old, exposure to screens is really not recommended.

One-time evening babysitting: reading a story

It's been a busy day and it's time to put the child to bed. For that, nothing better than to read him his favorite story or to invent one for the most creative!

And there you have it, your mission to baby sitting in the evening is over! If you fell asleep after the child, then you have met the challenge with brio like a true baby sitter.

Keeping the kids busy for an entire evening may seem like a daunting task, but all you have to do is prepare well and adapt the activities to the age and needs of each child.

If you also have tips to share with other babysitters, please feel free to do so in the comments below.