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Babysitting on Wednesdays: 6 Activities to keep kids busy

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Babysitting, Babysitting tips, Do It Yourself, Games, Games and Development, Kids

Wednesdays used to be about extracurricular activities, trips to the park, visits to museums and lots of other things to do with the kids outside. But during this second period of confinement, it's not so easy to keep the kids busy while babysitting on Wednesdays, all day long and without them getting bored! 

Since our motto is to never leave a babysitter or parent short of ideas, the team Kidlee has put together a small selection of fun activities to do with your children on Wednesdays and even on other days of the week!

The King Dagobert game to print

babysitting on wednesday : a board game created by Momes
Source : Momes

A great discovery from Momes: a mini board game to download and print for an exciting adventure in the kingdom of King Dagobert. From 4 years old, the little players will have to compete to become the king's valiant advisor! In order to do so, children will have to go through a playful course full of funny pitfalls.

Find the details of the realization of the game on Momes

Game of skill plouf poussin !

babysitting on wednesday : two little boys playing splashy
Source : Pomme d'Api

Here is a game of skill that is very simple to make. All you need is a bowl, ping-pong balls and water. You will have to transform the balls into chicks with the help of a marker and then, once the installation is done, the children will have to take turns to throw the balls one by one. Each chick in the water will earn the thrower a point. The first one who has 9 points wins! 

Find the details of the realization on API apple

Learn to code

photo of a youtuber who teaches children to code
Source Geek Junior

This activity for 6 - 12 years old, will delight the video game and coding fans. In partnership with Lumni, the youtuber Micode teaches youngsters the basics of computer coding. It is through a sparkling, fun and educational series that children will be introduced to coding and even create their own little game, isn't that nice? 

Find the videos on Lumni

Babysitting on Wednesdays: Making activities with salt dough

babysitting on wednesdays: a family portrait in salt dough
Source : Hugo the snail

Among the best activities to develop fine motor skills and creativity, salt dough is one of the most popular activities for children. On his website, Hugo the snail tells you the secrets of a successful salt dough. And this, according to the means at your disposal. You can then choose a theme, like the family portrait for example, and let them get to work. 

Find the details of the realization on Hugo the snail

Montessori game: the color wheel

babysitting on wednesday : montessori game to teach the youngest to differentiate the shades of colors
Source : 10doigts

This Montessori activity is not only very fun, but it also teaches children to differentiate between the different shades of colors. It also contributes to the development of the children's fine motor skills through the manipulation of the pins. Once the tools are ready, you will have to associate each pin with its color and then observe the shades of colors by exercising fine motor skills.
Find the details of the activity on Modelling head

Babysitting on Wednesdays: the activity of the cat-pot

image in the form of a drawing to illustrate the cat-and-pot game
Source : Pomme d'Api

Have you ever heard of potty training? This great agility game that allows you to move while having fun and in different ways, is very simple to make. All you need is an empty, clean yogurt cup, turn it into a cat and choose the game mode! There are five different games to challenge your child's agility and speed. 
Find these five games on Pomme d'Api

Bonus for your Wednesday babysitting: how about picking an activity at random?

an illustrative image on which is written: ideas for keeping busy at home
Source : My Little Kids

In addition to the 70 activity ideas that the site offers to keep kids entertained during confinement, My Little Kids adds a fun way to do it. Indeed, the My Little team puts at your disposal '' a pick of activities ''. All you have to do is to download the proposed leaflets, cut out the ideas and ask the children to pick the activity to be done. 

At Kidlee, we are totally in love with the idea and we are planning to apply it. Well done My Little Kids! 
Download the 70 ideas on My Little Kids