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Baby sitter auto-entrepreneur: what are the advantages?

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Babysitting, Information, Parents

The auto-entrepreneur or newly named micro-entrepreneur status is becoming more and more popular in France. Especially in the field of childcare. Indeed, parents and baby-sitters are wondering about the usefulness or the advantages of this status when it comes to babysitting. What does it consist of? How to create it? And what are its advantages for parents and babysitters? So many questions to which Kidlee is pleased to answer through this article! So here's what you need to know about the advantages of a self employed babysitter when it comes to childcare! 

What is the auto-entrepreneur status? 


The auto-entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur status is an attractive option for those seeking to work independently, while having the freedom to choose their own schedule. It is a simplified regime that allows entrepreneurs to create a sole proprietorship with a specific social and fiscal status. The auto-entrepreneurs can carry out different activities such as selling goods or services, and they can also invoice individuals or companies. Moreover, this status can be combined with other statuses such as employee or student, which can help to diversify sources of income.

Any person holding this status benefits from health coverage and social protection relative to the social regime of the micro-enterprise. The auto-entrepreneur works as a service provider for individuals who are his clients. 

The auto-entrepreneur earns a gross income. He is therefore obliged to declare his income and to contribute monthly or quarterly to his pension. And this, from the moment he realizes a turnover. If the person concerned has no turnover, he/she does not contribute. The amount of these contributions is 10.6% for the first year of activity. This is possible thanks to theACREThis aid allows new auto-entrepreneurs to lower their contribution rate by 50%. This aid being valid only during the first year of activity, the amount of contributions will be 21.2% for the following year. In other words, from the second year of activity, the auto-entrepreneur will have to contribute 21.2% of his turnover instead of 10.6%.

Example of contribution for a new auto-entrepreneur: 

For a turnover of 400 € gross collected over one month of activity. And by applying the 10,6% of contribution, the micro-entrepreneur will have to contribute 42,4 € (which will be directly transferred to the social fund). And thus, have a net income of 357,6€ for this month of activity. 

In the case where the auto-entrepreneur does not conclude any turnover over a given period. For example, if the auto-entrepreneur does not conclude any sales for a given period of time, such as one month, he/she will still have to declare 0€ of sales. In this case, no contribution will be deducted for this period of inactivity. 

How to create the status of auto-entrepreneur? 

The creation of a micro-enterprise or auto-entrepreneur status is both simple and fast. It is especially free and is done in about fifteen minutes online on the website Auto-entrepreneur portal

All you need to do is bring your identity document (passport, residence permit, etc.) and your social security number. Then, to fill in an online form with his personal information. Once this is done and the confirmation of creation received, the holder receives, after one week, a number called SIRET . This allows the identification and registration of the micro-business. Once the SIRET number is in hand, the person is ready to start the chosen activity. 

Why do childcare with the micro-entrepreneur status?

In France, the majority of babysitting services are paid for in cash by the babysitter and are therefore not declared by the client. You should know that this practice is totally illegal. In this case, the family and the babysitter are deprived of any social protection and insurance to cover the safety of each. Undeclared babysitters (and their clients) are also not entitled to the tax and social benefits related to childcare. 

Creating a self-employed company allows the babysitter to work in compliance with the law and within a legal framework that fully protects the family and the babysitter.

It is important to know that the existence of the auto-business is also a real guarantee of seriousness to customers. 

Self-employed baby sitter for children over 3 years old: 

The auto-entrepreneur baby-sitter is an independent professional with the ability to provide services to the person. For the care of children over 3 years old, it is not interesting to go through administrative procedures other than the creation of the auto-entrepreneur.

For childcare, it is also essential to have a childcare license for children over 3 years old. This approval is obtained after having made an online declaration of service to the person, the declaration NOVA

The procedure for obtaining this approval for childcare for children over 3 years of age is done free of charge on the Internet. To do so, you just need your SIRET number and to fill in an online form. In addition to certifying that the babysitter is qualified to look after children over the age of 3, this approval allows the family to benefit from CAF aid, more precisely the CMG (complement of free choice of the mode of care of the Paje) as well as 50% of tax reduction.

Self-employed baby sitter for children under 3 years old: 

For the care of young children, it is mandatory to obtain a license. Indeed, contrary to what many people think, the care of children under 3 years old is not accessible to everyone.  

When taking care of more fragile people (young children or people suffering from a handicap) the responsibility is much more important. It is essential to have more knowledge and experience to be able to take care of people who are not totally autonomous. 

 a prefectural or departmental authorization necessary for the exercise of 

In order to exercise this activity, the baby sitter must absolutely obtain a approval for the care of children under the age of 3 and under the age of 18 with disabilities   (formerly called quality approval) and which is delivered by the State. It is obtained from the Departmental Council of the baby sitter's domicile. In order to obtain it, the babysitter must comply with a set of specifications. Consult the specifications of the approval just HERE

The activities covered by this approval are :
  • Childcare for children under 3 years old and under 18 years old with disabilities in the home, both as a service provider and as an agent;
  • Accompaniment of children under 3 years and under 18 years with disabilities in their travels, as a service provider and agent;
  • Assistance in the daily acts of life to the elderly, disabled or chronically ill, in a mandate mode;
  • Driving service for the elderly, disabled or chronically ill persons, on an agency basis;
  • Accompaniment of elderly, disabled or chronically ill people in their travels outside their home, in a mandated mode.

Baby-sitter auto-entrepreneur: key information

  • The Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) is the URSSAF 
  • The APE code is usually: 88.91.13 - Child care services
  • The maximum turnover not to be exceeded is : 77 700 €
  • Monthly remuneration: from 9 to 12 € for normal working hours, up to 40 € per hour in the evening or on public holidays
  • The amount of social contributions to be paid is : 21.2 % of your turnover

The advantages of a self-employed babysitter 

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The auto-entrepreneur status is a legal status which aims to simplify the start of a childcare or other activity. Having very flexible conditions, it is also very easy to start an activity as an auto-entrepreneur and to stop it. 

The social regime of the auto-entrepreneur baby sitter is related to social contributions and also includes health insurance and complementary retirement. The micro-entrepreneur is therefore exempt from employer and employee social contributions while benefiting from health coverage and dedicated social protection. 

Benefiting from a gross income and avoiding to the customers all administrative hassles of declaration and salary charges, the baby-sitters having an auto-entrepreneur status often benefit from more advantageous and boosted incomes which allow them to accumulate a more interesting turnover during their activity period. 

When they are in an agency, these babysitters also have the possibility to choose or refuse a childcare assignment. Thus, they have the advantage of finding THE mission that suits them. More flexible, this status allows them to have a complementary activity (to their studies or other occupations) and especially to work according to their availability and activity radius. 

Parents: The benefits of having an au-sitter 

By opting for a self-employed babysitter, the parent uses an independent human services provider. The parent will not be his employer but his client. 

Being a professional holder of a micro-company under the social regime, the baby sitter auto-entrepreneur avoids the parent any steps and charges related to its declaration. The parent will therefore not have to pay employer and employee contributions. He only pays the hourly rate of his caregiver. And this while benefiting from social protection and insurance in case of a problem. 

Thanks to his status, the self-employed babysitter also allows the parent to benefit from CAF aid (the CMG, complement of free choice of the mode of guard of the Paje) as well as a tax reduction of 50%.


When it comes to childcare services, it is more interesting to turn to professionals such as auto-entrepreneurs. Babysitters with this status are generally more experienced, inspiring and able to provide a rich and adapted support to the child. And this, thanks to their particular skills. Such as the mastery of foreign languages, sports or musical instruments. 

Because of his independence and flexibility, the self-employed baby sitter not only takes over from the parents by ensuring the care of school outings, help with homework or baths, meals ... But he also actively participates in the development of the child by providing an environment conducive to its development and learning on a daily basis. 

At Kidlee it goes much further. Our self-employed babysitters are trained in childcare best practices. Our goal is to improve our skills and offer the best possible care. 

Want to know more? 

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